Sam's Montana Picture Book

Montana State University is set in the Rocky Mountains. When I first arrived in Montana we went hiking in one of the local ski areas. It confused me as it made me think I was in the Alps.


Bridger Bowl Ski Area (not the Alps)

I stayed in North Hedges dormitory on the MSU campus. The dorm was a bit primitive but the view outside was nice.


View outside North Hedges

I would often see animals on my way to the lab each day.


Ground squirrel

One day I went for a walk near the town. I tried to reach ‘The M’ but couldn’t find a way to get there without walking on the highway.


‘The M’

On the way I passed an abandoned flour mill which was a relic of the days when Bozeman milled its own flour. Now the wheat is milled elsewhere.


Abandoned flour mill

A strange bird looked at me from a tree.


Red-winged blackbird

After this I went through a dark wood until I reached a pleasant stream. There I was feasted on by mosquitoes so I went home.


Mosquito infested stream

On my last day in Montana we went on a lab outing to Yellowstone National Park. We were in the park for over an hour without seeing any animals, which is apparently unusual. Eventually we found a large herd of bison.


Place where we saw the bison herd


Itchy bison trying to remove the last of its winter coat

After this we went on a hike and saw various small animals and birds including some crows.


View at the start of our hike


Ground-squirrel on guard


Mysterious crows


View at the end of our hike

While travelling around the park we saw lots more animals including a bear who appeared to be eating grass.


Pronghorn Antelope


Family of deer


Black bear

To end the day we visited a hot spring. It seemed like a strange land with the smell of sulphur in the air and smoke rising from the ground.


Mammoth Hot Springs


A jack-rabbit or hare eating plants growing next to the hot spring

There was just time for one last photo before going home.


Ubiquitous lab photo

Montana is a beautiful place which everyone should visit.

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