Harvard Retreat 2010: Remigio Picone

As part of the collaboration process between CoMPLEX and Harvard Medical School I had the chance to join the Harvard System Biology retreat on the 14 and 15 of May 2010.

The retreat was organized in Sebasco, a wonderful harbour resort on the Maine’s Midcoast of the US. Besides the scientists and student from System Biology department in Harvard Medical School , it was also attended by students from MIT Boston and CoMPLEX – UCL London.

It was a great chance for me to meet the scientists who have introduced and gave the major contributions to the system biology field. During the retreat I was able to present a poster, and found very motivating for my work as future scientist to receive advice and words of appreciation about my research. It was also a good opportunity to meet other students and exchange experiences, collaborations and friendship.

After the retreat, I extended my trip in Boston for a couple of days in order to visit labs and check the possibility of a future postdoc position. What impressed me most in Harvard, besides their science, was the level of interaction between people and the different labs, which, in my opinion, makes the Harvard System Biology department a unique “system” environment for doing research. During my visits I had the chance to give talks about my research in Harvard System Biology, in the Broad Institute (Harvard & MIT) and in MIT. I really enjoyed to present my work and to learn about other people projects.

In conclusion, this experience was extremely important for my future career. I am positive to have established important collaborations that will be fruitful for my present PhDPlus project, and, now I am seriously considering spending a postdoc period in US and maybe in Harvard or MIT.

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