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5 Dec 2013 - Graduate Open Day

CoMPLEX will be at the Faculty of Mathematics and Physical Sciences Graduate Open Day, taking place on 24 January 2014.

Please register for the event here.


21 Oct 2013 - PhD Student Nicolas Jaccard publishes new paper

CoMPLEX PhD student Nicolas Jaccard has published a new article on the journal Biotechnology and Bioengineering.

The paper, done in collaboration with CoMPLEX Programme Director Lewis Griffin, is entitled "Automated method for the rapid and precise estimation of adherent cell culture characteristics from phase contrast microscopy images" and is freely available online.

Jaccard et al. 2013: Automated method for the rapid and precise estimation of adherent cell culture characteristics from phase contrast microscopy images

16 Oct 2013 - CoMPLEX Deputy Director gives UCL lunch hour lecture and participates in Bloomsbury Festival Ideas Salon

Professor Sofia Olhede, professor of Statistical Science and deputy director of CoMPLEX, has taken part in the UCL Ideas Salon on 19 October 2013, as part of Bloomsbury Festival. Click here for more details.

Additionally, Professor Olhede delivered a popular lecture on 17 October as part of the UCL lunch hour lecture series. The lecture covered her work on quantifying patterns in nature from Oceanography and Neuroscience using techniques for extracting structured patterns. A YouTube video introducing the talk can be found here.

Prof. Sofia Olhede

5 Jul 2013 - Launch of the Professor Rob Seymour Travel Bursary Fund

In July 2012, the UCL community lost a dear friend, Professor Rob Seymour, Emeritus Professor of Mathematics, co-founder of CoMPLEX and long time Director of the CoMPLEX MRes programme. On Friday 17th May, CoMPLEX hosted a reception to celebrate the launch of Professor Rob Seymour Travel Bursary Fund.

The Professor Rob Seymour Travel Bursary set up in Rob’s memory by Mrs Charlotte Seymour, will allow CoMPLEX’s most outstanding PhD students to extend their horizons and pursue part of their research in internationally leading laboratories overseas, thus gaining invaluable experience for their future careers. In this way the Travel Fund will be inspiring to future CoMPLEX students and will also provide recipients with the essential financial support to realise their ambitions. It thus provides a very fitting tribute to Rob’s remarkable contribution.

Rob was instrumental in building CoMPLEX from its humble beginnings as a seminar series and discussion forum into the thriving department that now houses a successful 4 year interdisciplinary doctoral training programme in “Modelling Biological Complexity”, and also hosts a growing community of research fellows.

Rob helped to supervise numerous PhD students on the CoMPLEX programme in areas as diverse as modeling coral reef ecosystems, animal sexual behavior and the spread of multi-drug resistant bacteria. He also pioneered a systems biology approach for the understanding the liver long before systems level work became fashionable. It is testament to his abilities that in each of these areas he made significant contributions. Rob will be remembered not only for his research, but also for being a skilled, patient and kind teacher.

The reception was a wonderful evening attended by Professor Seymour’s family, friends and colleagues.

Memories of Professor Seymour were shared, Dr Tak Fung, a former PhD student, currently working at Queen’s University Belfast on modeling the effects of commercial fisheries on the structure and functioning of temperate marine ecosystems, talked about his memories of travelling with Rob and how Rob inspired him both in his research and on a personal level.

Mrs Charlotte Seymour who had kindly donated funds to enable the launch of the Bursary Fund commented on how much the event meant to her and how it was a fitting way to remember her late husband.

Prof Rob Seymour at the CoMPLEX 2012 Conference in his honour

28 Jun 2013 - PhD student Tharindi Hapuarachchi receives Britton Chance Award

We are pleased to announce that CoMPLEX PhD student Tharindi Hapuarachchi won the Britton Chance Award from the International Society of Oxygen Transport to Tissue for her work in modelling cerebral physiology, metabolism and oxygen regulation.

The Britton Chance Award was established in honor of Professor Chance's long-standing commitment, interest and contributions to the science and engineering aspects of oxygen transport to tissue and to the society.

CoMPLEX PhD Student Tharindi Happuaracchi (Left) with Gemma Bale (PhD Student), Dr Ilias Tachtsidis (Wellcome Trust Research Fellow and Head of Multimodal Spectroscopy Group) and Luke Dunne (PhD Student)

25 Jun 2013 - Record Number Of Complex Students Awarded Bogue Research Fellowships

CoMPLEX is delighted to announce that a record number of its students have been awarded the prestigious Bogue Research Fellowships.

Four CoMPLEX students were selected; they have all chosen to complete their fellowships in the US.

Charlotte Strankvist will study at the Harvard Systems Biology Department for 6 Months. Rob Stanley will study at Harvard Medical School for 4 weeks. Janine Symmonds will study at Georgia Institute of Technology for 3 months and Tom Bartlett will study at Columbia University for 3 months also.

Director of CoMPLEX Dr. Guy Moss noted: "These awards are really valuable, providing international experience in a range of world-leading laboratories at a critical stage in career progression. I’m immensely proud of this outstanding cohort of students who fully deserve their exceptional success, reflecting as it does the very high standards set by CoMPLEX students".

The Bogue Research Fellowships are provided by a substantial bequest from the late James Yule Bogue, former Research Fellow in the Department of Physiology and at one time Deputy Chairman of the Pharmaceuticals Division of ICI.

They are available to postgraduate research students (subject to approval from the funding agency) and to postdoctoral researchers (normally within 6 years of receiving a doctoral degree).

Their purpose is to support, either in full or in part, visits to carry out research in laboratories in the USA and Canada over periods of a few weeks to a maximum (exceptionally) of one year, but usually less, in order to enrich the research experience and help develop the scientific career of the Fellow.

Find out more about the fellowships here.


10 Jun 2013 - Student Mirna Kovacevic's recent paper

CoMPLEX PhD student Mirna Kovacevic has recently collaborated in a paper entitled "Molecular diversity and population structure at the Cytochrome P450 3A5 gene in Africa", published in BMC Genetics.

Mirna Kovacevic's collaboration on a paper published in BMC Genetics on 3 May 2013

24 Apr 2013 - CoMPLEX receives a Green Impact Bronze Award

CoMPLEX's efforts in running an environmentally-friendly department have been rewarded once more with a Bronze qualification at the most recent Green Impact competition.


5 Feb 2013 - Chris Banerji is awarded UCL-MAPS Prize

PhD Student Chris Banerji has been awarded the UCL Faculty of Mathematical and Physical Sciences Postgraduate Prize for his outstanding achievements during the MRes year at CoMPLEX.

This adds to his success in procuring the INBIOMEDvision Training Challenge Prize for Best Approach to a Current Problem in Biomedical Informatics, while representing CoMPLEX in Barcelona earlier in 2012.

UCL logo

16 Jan 2013 - Tom Blacker and Andrew Newell have been appointed as CoMPLEX Fellows

Andrew Newell and final year PhD student Tom Blacker have both been appointed to CoMPLEX Doctoral Prize Fellowships, funded by the EPSRC and starting in April 2013.

Tom will become the Prof. Anne Warner Doctoral Fellow while Andrew will become the Prof Rob Seymour Doctoral Fellow. Both positions are named in honour of outstanding contributors to CoMPLEX who made major contributions during our 14 year history and who were instrumental in building ComPLEX to the successful centre it is today, now training over 60 students and hosting 8 fellows.

As for our new fellows, Andrew recently won an international Kaggle competition in computational approaches for handwriting recognition and is working on computational approaches to visual recognition tasks in general, while Tom plans to continue to work on the role of NADH using a fluorescence lifetime approach developing new collaborations in Chemistry for the synthesis of novel NADP(H)-like molecules.


14 Jan 2013 - Maria Botcharova's placement at The Guardian

CoMPLEX PhD student Maria Bothcarova has recently spent a week at The Guardian's News Department, as part of their Editorial Placement Scheme.

One of the products of Maria's work at this top newspaper included a science news item describing recent findings on the evolution of skin wrinkling in water by a group of researchers from Newcastle University.

The Guardian

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