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10 October 2012 - Giandomenico Iannetti new MRes Director

CoMPLEX welcomes our new MRes Course Director, Dr. Giandomenico Iannetti, who will be joining Dr. Lewis Griffin and taken over from Dr. Guy Moss, who has recently moved on to be the director of the centre.

Dr. Giandomenico Iannetti, CoMPLEX MRes Course Director

8 October 2012 - Robin Freeman and the Bat Detective

CoMPLEX and 2020-Science research fellow Dr. Robin Freeman has recently received coverage on the BBC for his involvement in the Bat Detective project, together with Prof. Kate Jones.

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20 September 2012 - Student Niclas Thomas's recent paper

CoMPLEX PhD student Niclas Thomas is the first author of the article "Directional Migration of Recirculating Lymphocytes through Lymph Nodes via Random Walks", recently published in the free-access online journal PlOS One.

Niclas Thomas - PlOS One. 20 September 2012: Directional Migration of Recirculating Lymphocytes through Lymph Nodes via Random Walks

3 September 2012 - Student Michael Epstein's recent publication

CoMPLEX first-year PhD student Michael Epstein has recently contributed to a paper on the journal Bioinformatics.
The article, entitled "A robust model for read count data in exome sequencing experiments and implications for copy number variant calling", is first-authored by CoMPLEX collaborator Dr. Vincent Plagnol, and partly stems from Michael's work during his MRes year (2010-2011).

Michael Epstein contributed to a paper with his supervisor and CoMPLEX collaborator Dr. Vincent Plagnol

6 August 2012 - CoMPLEX students in Olympic Science

The Crick Institute has organised a group of 'science buskers', to roam around St Pancras International Station and engage members of the public in science tricks.

CoMPLEX students Martin, Maria, Vivien, Zena, Lorrette and Rob have taken part in the activity; please click here or on the image to see a few pictures with audio commentary on YouTube.

Rob Stanley has blogged on his experience as a Science Busker as part of the Crick's 2012 Olympic celebrations.

CoMPLEX Students in Olympic Science

25 July 2012 - Prof. Robert Seymour

Robert Seymour, Emeritus Professor of Mathematics, co-founder of CoMPLEX and long time Director of the CoMPLEX MRes programme, passed away peacefully on July 24th.
Rob was instrumental in building CoMPLEX from its humble beginnings as a seminar series and discussion forum into the thriving department that now houses both MRes and PhD programmes, and also hosts a growing community of postdoctoral fellows.
Rob helped to supervise numerous PhD students on the CoMPLEX programme in areas as diverse as modelling coral reefs, animal sexual behaviour, modelling the spread of multi-drug resistant bacteria, and developing a systems biology approach for the liver.  This latter work he undertook long before systems level work became fashionable. It is testament to his abilities that in each of these areas he made significant contributions.
Rob was a great friend to many in the CoMPLEX community and he will be remembered not only for his research, but also for being a skilled, patient and kind teacher. He will be greatly missed.
Professor Anthony Finkelstein, Dean of Engineering Sciences shares his own thoughts on Robert.

On 1st February 2012, we held a full-day conference in celebration of his work with CoMPLEX. Please click here for details of that event.

Prof Rob Seymour at the CoMPLEX 2012 Conference in his honour

6 July 2012 - New article by PhD Student Gwen Knight

CoMPLEX PhD student Gwen Knight has recently published an article entitled "Shift in dominant hospital-associated methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (HA-MRSA) clones over time" in the Journal of Antimicrobial Chemotherapy. The article is accessible online, and it has received media coverage in the Evening Standard.

Gwen Knight's new paper on the Journal of Antimicrobial Chemotherapy

31 May 2012 - New article by PhD Student Tracy Moroz

CoMPLEX PhD student Tracy Moroz has recently published a paper in the Journal of the Royal Society Interface. The article, entitled "Computational modelling of the piglet brain to simulate near-infrared spectroscopy and magnetic resonance spectroscopy data collected during oxygen deprivation", is already accessible online.

Article: Computational modelling of the piglet brain to simulate near-infrared spectroscopy and magnetic resonance spectroscopy data collected during oxygen deprivation

16 May 2012 - Prof. Anne Warner

Professor Anne Warner FRS, Emeritus Professor of Developmental Biology and CoMPLEX Research Strategy Director sadly passed away at UCH on Wednesday 16th May. She was a real pioneer in computational physiology and a driving force in setting up CoMPLEX and in its continuing success. She has been described as quite a force of nature by her colleagues; through her personality as well as her intellect. The passion she held and drew from others in her aim to answer the questions of her science was inspirational. She will be greatly missed by all the CoMPLEX community and those who knew and worked with her across UCL. Professor Anthony Finklestein, Dean of Engineering Sciences shares his own thoughts on Anne:

Prof Anne Warner FRS, Founding Director of CoMPLEX

14 May 2012 - MRC Bid successful

CoMPLEX has been successful in the MRC Advanced Course Masters Competition. We have been awarded the maximum number of 12 MRes studentships over three years. The new MRC Doctoral Training Grant will start in October 2012.

With additional funding available for progression to PhD, MRC students can complete a full four-year MRes/PhD programme within CoMPLEX if they wish. A wide range of interdisciplinary medically related projects will be available to these students, including a variety of options in medical Imaging.

MRC (Medical Research Council)

4 May 2012 - EPSRC Funding

We are grateful to the EPSRC for the additional CoMPLEX funding that will further extend our Doctoral Training Centre. A cohort of 8 students will be starting with us in October 2013 and CoMPLEX will then be in line with the funding cycle of the other EPSRC Doctoral Training Centres that commenced one year later.


24 April 2012 - CoMPLEX receives a Green Impact Bronze Award

CoMPLEX's efforts in running an environmentally-friendly department have been rewarded with a Bronze qualification at the most recent Green Impact competition. Congratulations are due to CoMPLEX administrator Chris Langridge for this award. More information about the Green Impact programme can be found here.


24 January 2012 - A new article by CoMPLEX Student Zena Hadjivasiliou

CoMPLEX PhD Student Zena Hadjivasiliou has recently published an article in the prestigious Proceedings of the Royal Society B. The work describes recent studies of the transfer of genetic material between the mitochondria and the nucleus and its effect upon the origin of the two sexes in the evolution of eukaryotic cells. This work, part of her PhD, has been published in collaboration with her supervisors Prof. Andrew Pomiankowski, Prof. Rob Seymour, and Dr. Nick Lane, as has also been mentioned in a recent UCL news item.

Zena's Article on the Proceedings of the Royal Society B

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