Tangled Nature: A model of how co-evolution shapes ecosystems

Henrik Jeldtoft Jensen, Institute for Mathematical Sciences and Department of Mathematics, Imperial College London.

Tuesday March 31, Location: Cruciform LT2, Time: 16:30

We take our cue from Darwin's closing remarks in the Origin of Species “It is interesting to contemplate an entangled bank, clothed with many plants of many kinds, birds singing…, and dependent on each other in so complex a manner, have all been produced by laws acting around us.” The Tangled Nature model is a simple mathematical framework for connecting macro evolution to the underlying microscopic dynamics. The talk will describe how long time intermittent dynamics emerges at the level of ecosystems and describe the network properties of the generated ecosystems. In particular we will discuss how ever more intercorrelated ecosystems are produced by a random micro dynamics that acts to decorrelate the the total set of types present.

Henrik's webpage: http://www.ma.ic.ac.uk/~hjjens/

Jensen poster

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