Multi-scale Analysis of Cell Migration

Dr. Richard Allen, Dept. of Pharmacology, Univ. of North Carolina
Wednesday 3rd November, Location: MRC-LMBC, time: 17:00

Cell migration is a crucial process in development, immune responses and in the pathogenesis of cancer. Here quantitative tools to analyse cell migration on different scales are introduced. The first, on the sub-micron scale,  is an intuitive method for correlating biosensor activity with the velocity of the cell edge. The second, on the scale of tens of microns, quantifies cell tracks by fitting of a stochastic model. Applying this to study the effect of RhoG (a Rho GTPase) on cell migration suggests a role for RhoG in regulating cell velocity and persistance.

About Richard

Richard was a CoMPLEX student between 2003-2008 where his PhD, 'The Endothelial Response to Fluid Flow', was supervised by David Bogle and Anne Ridley. After completion of his Ph.D. Richard took up a post-doctoral position in the Elston and Hahn Laboratories in the Department of Pharmacology at the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill where his focus is on studying cell migration, polarity and adhesion.

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