CoMPLEX Annual Meeting 2008

7 November 2008
Gustave Tuck Lecture Theatre

Evolution and Development

James Briscoe NIMR, London
The molecular logic of the bilaterian nervous system.

Julian Lewis Cancer Research UK, London
Making the vertebrate body axis: two kinds of clock, and their evolutionary variation.

John Odling-Smee Anthropology, Oxford
Evo-devo and niche construction: building bridges.

Pat Simpson  Zoology, Cambridge
Two or four bristles: evolution of regulation of the scute gene in Drosophila

Ross Williamson received the prize
for best student abstract.

Ross S Williamson CoMPLEX, UCL
Auditory learning involving complex sound affects nonlinear integration within cortical responses

Greg Elgar  Biology and Chemistry, Queen Mary, London
Conserved regulatory networks in vertebrate development

Miltos Tsantias  Plant Sciences, Oxford 
Using the arabidopsis relative cardamine hirsuta to understand evolution of plant form

Andreas Wagner Biochemistry, Zürich
On the relationship between robustness and evolvability

Paola Oliveri Cell and Development Biology, UCL
Gene regulatory network for cell specification during early development

Conference Coordinators: Buzz Baum, Karen Page and Julie Bellingham.

Full Details and abstracts can be downloaded as a Booklet [772 Kb pdf].

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