Past events

Tuesday 15th November 2011
Genome dynamics and evolutionary history of the plague, Yersinia pestis
Prof Francois Balloux, Genetics, Evolution & Environment, UCL

Venue: Pearson Lecture Theatre
Time: 17:00
Thursday 1st November 2011
Disorder and Development
Prof. Keith Dunker (Indiana University School of Medicine)

Venue: Cruciform Lecture Theatre 1
Time: 16:00
Thursday 6th October 2011
Integrated models in ecology: from individuals to communities
Dr Stephen Cornell (University of Leeds)

Venue: Darwin Biochemistry Lecture Theatre
Time: 13:00
Tuesday 19th July 2011
An ecological perspective of prostate cancer, why interactions matter and how mathematical modelling can make a difference
Dr. David Basanta (Moffitt Cancer Center, USA)

Venue: AV Hill Lecture Theatre
Time: 17:00
David's Poster
Friday 1st July 2011
3D Protein structure predicted from evolutionary sequence variation
Dr. Chris Sander (New York, USA)

Dr. Debora S. Marks (Harvard Medical School, USA)

Venue: Medawar Lankester Lecture Theatre
Time: 15:00
Friday 1st July 2011
Multiscale microtubule mechanochemistry: from dynamic instability to ciliary beds
Prof. L Mahadevan (Harvard, USA)

Venue: AV Hill Lecture Theatre
Time: 17:00
Friday 10th June 2011:
Integrative Genomics and RNA Interference Approaches to Biomarker Discovery in Cancer Medicine
Dr. Charles Swanton FRCP (London)

JZ Young LT
Time: 13:00 hrs
Tuesday 31st May 2011:
Magic traits, sensory drive and local adaptation: modelling the ecological context of divergent sexual selection
Dr. Sander van Doorn (Switzerland)

JZ Young LT
Time: 17:00 hrs
Tuesday 24th May 2011:
The complex network of global cargo ship movements
Dr. Michael Gastner (Imperial College London)

Anatomy Gavin de Beer LT
Time: 17:00
Friday 8th April 2011:
The evolutionary dynamics of disease life histories
Professor Troy Day (Canada)

AV Hill Lecture Theatre,
Time: 13:00
Wednesday 6th April 2011:
Information processing by post-translational modification

Professor Jeremy Gunawardena (Harvard)
Location: LMCB seminar room
Time: 17:00

Tuesday 29th March 2011:
Maximizing Phylogenetic Diversity
Dr. Nick Goldman (EMBL)

Location: Gavin de Beer LT
Time: 17:00
Tuesday 22nd February 2011:
Statistical Inference for Nonlinear Dynamical System Models

Professor Mark A. Girolami F.I.E.T. (UCL)
 Location: AV Hill Lecture Theatre
Time: 17:00

Tuesday 18th January 2011:
Single Cell Genomics Over Waddington's Landscape
Dr. Junhyong Kim (USA)

Location: AV Hill Lecture Theatre
Time: 17:00


Wednesday 8th December 2010:
Polypharmacology Studied Using Structural Bioinformatics and Systems Biology

Dr. Phil Bourne (USA)

Location: Gustave Tuck Lecture Theatre
Time: 15:00


Tuesday 30 November- Can a cell within a cell explain the origin and evolution of complex life? - Dr Nick Lane (UCL)

Location: MRC-LMBC, time: 17:00

Wednesday 3rd November - Multi-scale Analysis of Cell Migration - Dr. Richard Allen (USA)

Location:LMBC, time: 17:00
26 October- Extreme energy lability in human children: An overlooked and central aspect of human biology- Dr. John Skoyles (UCL)
Location:LMBC, time: 17:00

27 July-Single-molecule observations of turnover, co-operativity and mechanochemistry in a macromolecular complex- Dr. Richard Berry (Oxford)

Location: LMCB, Time: 17:15


12 July- Mapping and Measuring Proteomes- Prof. Ruedi Aebersold (Zurich, Switzerland)  

Location: LMCB, Time: 17:15

25 May- Analysis of low-copy number forensic DNA profiles- Prof David Balding (UCL)

Location: LMCB, Time: 17:00
20 May- Multiscale modelling of the skeletal system: the vision of integrative research- Dr. Marco Viceconti ( Istituto Ortopedico Rizzoli, Bologna)

Location: LMCB, Time: 17:00
27 April 2010- Endothelial cell dynamics in vascular patterning- Dr. Holger Gerhardt (Cancer Research UK)

Location: LMCB, Time: 16:30
24 November 2009 - Robust Inference for Systems and Synthetic Biology - Prof. Michael Stumpf (Imperial)

Location: LMCB, Time: 16:30
11 November 2009 – Modelling cellular rhythms: the cell cycle and the circadian clock - Dr. Albert Goldbeter (Belgium)

Location: Harrie Massey Lecture Theatre, Time: 16:30 
Goldbeter poster
20 October 2009 - Structure, evolution and dynamics of transcriptional networks and impact on genome organization - Dr. Madan Babu (Cambridge)
Location: Cruciform LT2, time: 17:00

1 Spetember 2009 - The Role Of Force Sensing In The Interplay Between Cell Adhesion And The Actin Cytoskeleton - Prof. Alexander D. Bershadsky (The Weizmann Institute of Science, Israel)

Location: MRC-LMCB, Time: 16:30


28 July 2009 - Evolution of complex life cycles in helminths- Geoff Parker (Liverpool) 

Location: Cruciform LT2, time: 16:30

Parker Poster

30 June 2009 - Reverse engineering of proteasomal translocation rates- Alexei Zaikin (UCL) 

Location: Cruciform LT2, time: 16:30


9 June 2009 - Modelling The Evolutionary Dynamics of Hepatitis C Virus, Fabio Luciani (South Wales)

Location:  Room 707 Department of Mathematics UCL, time: 16:30

12 May 2009- Dynamic Organization of Epithelia, Frank Jülicher (Dresden) Julicher poster

28 April 2009 - Force probing living cells to molecular resolution, Daniel J. Müller (Dresden)

Muller Poster
31 March 2009 - Tangled Nature: A model of how co-evolution shapes ecosystems, Henrik Jensen (Imperial) Jensen poster
24 March 2009 - In silico evolution of chemotaxis, Richard Goldstein (NIMR) Goldstein poster
  • 9 December 2008- In search of learning genes: evolving developmental neural programs capable of learning (Dr. Julian Miller)
  •  25 November 2008- How did that get there? Decision making and protein targeting in bacteria (Professor Judith P. Armitage)
  •  17th June 2008- Force-balance models of the dynamical shapes of migrating cells and mitotic spindles (Alex Mogilner - University of California)
  •  20 May 2008- Genetic common garden experiments and what they can tell us about the genetic basis of species differences (David Baum - University of Wisconsin)
  •  22 April 2008- The physical basis of sound detection in hearing (Dr. Tom Duke)

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