CoMPLEX Annual Meeting 2009

The Limits of Perception: Challenges for Biological Imaging

CoMPLEX is UCL's centre for interdisciplinary research in the life and medical sciences.  This year's annual conference recognizes the vital role of imaging in all aspects of biological research, from testing models to finding new structures.  We have brought together an exceptionally talented set of speakers who will cover all length scales from single molecules to cell networks and ecosystems.  Our emphasis is on future challenges and exciting prospects that are currently... at the limits of perception. We hope you can join us!


A copy of the Programme is now available to view here.


  • Peter Atkinson (Southampton)
  • Downscaling in remote sensing: approaches and challenges
  • Scott Fraser (Caltech)
  • In vivo imaging with the needed speed and sensitivity
  • Dave Hawkes (UCL)
  • Integrating imaging and modelling across scales - from in-vivo microscopy to MRI and image guided interventions
  • Richard Henderson (MRC LMB Cambridge)
  • Electron cryo-microscopy of biological macromolecules: achievements and potential
  • Yuri Korchev (Imperial)
  • Beyond the Optical Resolution in Living Cells: Scanning Ion Conductance Microscopy
  • Peter Morris (Nottingham)
  • Magnetic resonance at ultra-high field: opportunities and challenges
  • John Runions (Oxford Brookes)
  • Bioimaging in plant cell biology: studying protein interactions in membranes
  • Angus Silver (UCL)
  • Development of an AOD-based 2-photon microscope for functional imaging of neural activity in 3D at kHz resolution

Date and Venue:

Date: Friday 18 December 2009

Location: Kennedy Lecture Theatre
Institute of Child Health
30 Guilford Street
London WC1N 1EH

[Google Maps link for the ICH]

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