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New MRC Centre global genomics medicine partnership

13 June 2018

We are delighted to announce that all global partners have signed memoranda of understanding outlining their commitments to this exciting and innovative new initiative to develop a truly International Centre for Genomic Medicine Research in Neuromuscular Diseases to benefit patients in South Africa, Zambia, Brazil, India and Turkey.

Global Centre planning workshop attendees

2 day Workshop: MRC Centre PIs and all LMIC partner PIs Oct 2017

Our Mission is to create a transcontinental genomics research and capacity building partnership between the UK and Official Development Assistance Lower and Middle Income Countries (ODA-LMICs) with an initial focus on India, Brazil, South
Africa, Zambia & Turkey. We will discover new disease genes, define the genetic variants in known neuromuscular genes, understand comparative genetic architecture in different populations and explore disease mechanisms. We will dramatically
increase the number of patients with an accurate genetic diagnosis, build "trial ready" cohorts and ultimately improve health outcomes for patients with this unmet health need drawn from a combined population of over 1.5 billion people.

Our Vision is to deliver a mature transcontinental clinical academic partnership led by a new group of outstanding clinical academics graduated from our training programme. They will be an enduring locally sustained legacy of expertise and they will harness genomics to improve the lives and health outcomes of children and adults with serious  neuromuscular diseases (NMDs).

Memoranda of Understanding: 


India 1

India 2

South Africa



International Training Fellow Programme:

University of Rochester Letter of Support

Collaborative support for the international genomics medicine programme from UCL Vice Provost International and UCL International office: 

Letter of Support 1

Letter of Support 2