MA Programme

  • The Centre works in tandem with UCL's taught MA in Medieval and Renaissance Studies (MARS).
    MA Programme

Dr Kristian Jensen

Head of British and Early Printed Collections at the British Library

UCL History Department Hon. Senior Research Associate


  • 'Old Book in New Libraries: Democratisation of Access or a Digital Divide', in Imprints and Owners: Recording the Cultural Geography of Europe. Papers presented on 10 November 2006 at the CERL Seminar hosted by the National Széchényi Library, Budapest, ed. David Shaw (London, 2007)
  • 'Universities and Colleges', in The Cambridge Hisotry of Libraries in Britain and Ireland, vol. I, to 1640, ed. Elizabeth Leedham-Green and Teresa Webber (Cambridge, 2006), pp. 345-62
  • A Catalogue of Books Printed in the Fifteenth Century now in the Bodleian Library, 7 vols (Oxford, 2005), jointly with Alan Coates, Cristina Dondi and Bettina Wagner
  • 'Exporting and Importing Italian Humanism: the Reception of Italian Printed Editions of Classical Authors and their Commentators at the University of Leipzig', Italia medioevale e umanistica, 45 (2005), 437-97
  • 'An Unrecorded London Sale of the Gutenberg Bible', in the Medieval Book and a Modern Collector: Essays in Honour of Toshiyuki Takamiya, ed. Takimi Matsuda, Richard Linenthal and John Scahil (Cambridge, 2004), pp. 443-50

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