MA Programme

  • The Centre works in tandem with UCL's taught MA in Medieval and Renaissance Studies (MARS).
    MA Programme

Dr Claire Breay

Head of Medieval and Earlier Manuscripts, The British Library

UCL History Department Hon. Senior Research Associate

Dr Breay is a qualified archivist, with a PhD in medieval history and over 12 years’ work experience as an archivist and curator of manuscripts in research libraries. Her current specialism is the leadership of collaborative, externally-funded digitisation projects on medieval manuscripts for scholarly and popular audiences.


  • In progress (for publication in 2009): 2nd edition of G. Davis, Medieval Cartularies of Great Britain (1st edn, London, 1958)
  • Magna Carta: Treasures in Focus (London, 2007)
  • Magna Carta: Manuscripts and Myths (London, 2002)
  • The Cartulary of Chatteris Abbey (Woodbridge, 1999)
  • ‘Women and the Classical Tripos, 1869-1914’ in, Classics in Nineteenth and Twentieth Century Cambridge: Curriculum, Culture and Community, ed. C. Stray (Cambridge Philological Society, supp. vol. 24, 1999), pp. 49-70

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