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  • 1984-10-01
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  • Department of Mathematics
  • University College London
  • 25 Gordon Street
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Joined UCL
  • 1984-10-01

Research Summary

My research interests span a broad variety of topics motivated mainly by problems in engineering dynamics. Identifying instabilities in nonlinear dynamical systems forms a running theme with particular emphasis on parametrically excited continuous systems and the interesting phenomena found in non-smooth systems such as those involving repeated impacts. Previous research areas have included the control of chaos and chaotic synchronisation but additionally the concepts of nonlinear dynamics have been applied to study ship capsize, the spread of fires in rooms, the stability of electronic phase-locked loops, sand dune morphology and other physical problems of practical interest. More recently my research is focused on dynamics of social systems and systems approach to policy modeling.

Research Activities
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  • Cellular Automata modelling of seabed recovery after marine aggregate dredging
  • 6327
  • Dream Fellowship
  • 5236
  • ENFOLDing: Explaining Modelling and Forecasting Global Dynamics
  • 6329
  • FuturICT Flagship Pilot Action
  • 6330
  • GSDP
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Academic Background

  • Award Year
  • 2001
    Doctor of Science
    University of London
  • 1986
    Doctor of Philosophy
    Polytechnic of North London
  • 1980
    Master of Science
    Brunel University
  • 1979
    Bachelor of Science
    University of London


I am first and foremost an applied mathematician who seeks to apply our knowledge to solve problems of practical interest, while at the same time educating others and allowing them to reach their own potential.

1979 - 80
Teaching assistant (during MSc), Brunel University (mathematics to engineers)

1980 - 83
Research Assistant and part-time Lecturer in Mathematics (numerical methods/analysis), Polytechnic of North London

1983 - 84
Lecturer in Mathematics (mathematical methods, numerical analysis), Polytechnic of North London

1984 - 89
Research Fellow, Civil Engineering Department, University College London 1989-94 UK Science and Engineering Research Council 5 year Advanced Research Fellow, University College London.

1994 - 95
Lecturer and Manager of the Centre for Nonlinear Dynamics and its Applications, University College London

1995 - 98
Reader in Nonlinear Dynamics, Centre for Nonlinear Dynamics and its Applications, University College London.

1998 - 2003
Professor of Nonlinear Dynamics the Centre for Nonlinear Dynamics and its Applications, University College London
2003 - Today
Professor of Nonlinear Dynamics, Mathematics Department, University College London

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