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  • 1996-02-19
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  • Room 317, Roberts Engineering Building
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  • 1996-02-19

Research Summary

Prof Angeli‚Äôs research interests are in the area of two-phase flows for energy and process engineering applications. They span from studies of pipeline flows of oil-water mixtures relevant to oil production and transportation, to intensified liquid-liquid extractions in small channels relevant to reprocessing of spent nuclear fuel and to two-phase micro-reactors for fine chemicals and pharmaceuticals production.

The aim of the research is to gain fundamental understanding of flow phenomena in two-phase systems and their interactions with mass transfer, and to formulate models for predicting their behaviour. This is achieved through a combination of detailed and sophisticated experimental measurements with analytical and numerical modelling.

The work is supported by state of the art experimental facilities that include pilot scale flow loops for oil-water mixtures and bench scale set ups for intensified and microscale flow and mass transfer systems. Also available is advanced instrumentation for studying velocity and turbulence (Particle Image Velocimetry, PIV; hot film anemometry), phase distribution (Electrical Resistance Tomography, ERT), viscosity and interfacial properties, as well as a variety of local conductivity probes, made in house, for investigating drop size, interface positioning and phase continuity.

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