prof nora de leeuw

Joined UCL
  • 2015-01-01

Research Summary

We develop and apply quantitative computational techniques to investigate at the atomic level structure/property relationships in a range of natural minerals and functional materials. Present research areas include 1) precious metal and transition-metal oxide surfaces for selective oxidation catalysis; 2) radiation damage in geological materials; 3) nucleation and growth of metal and metal-oxide nano-clusters; and 4) materials for bio-medical engineering.
Research Activities
  • 4520
  • Computer Modelling of Bio-Material Interfaces
  • 4523
  • Crystal Nucleation, Growth and Dissolution
  • 4522
  • Formation of Ionic Thin Films at Metal Surfaces
  • 948
  • Functional adaptation of the musculoskeletal system and its application to Pathobiology of the skeleton
  • 4521
  • Surface reactivity of complex oxides and mixed metal-oxide catalysts
  • 4524
  • The organic/inorganic interface

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