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Research Summary

I am involved in three major research themes: (i) wound healing, (ii) infection & inflammation and (iii) evidence based oral health. Within these themes the following subjects are integrated: * in vitro and in vivo models related to wound healing and tissue regeneration * the effect of periodontal disease on general health e.g. cardiovascular disease and diabetes * clinical studies on implant dentistry The three themes 1. Wound healing which encompasses translational research in all three levels (in vitro, in vivo/preclinical and clinical trials) in soft and hard tissue regeneration, healing processes following non surgical and surgical procedures in health and in chronic diseases (diabetes, osteoporosis) and implant dentistry. 2. Inflammation & infection, which encompasses the area of periodontal medicine (association of oral health with cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, osteoporosis), genetic susceptibility and association with chronic general health diseases. 3. Outcome based oral health which includes systematic reviews in Periodontology and Implantology as well as innovative methodology in data synthesis. 1. Wound healing: The Clinical research Division has a significant translational research expertise and track record in preclinical and clinical studies on the effect of active biologic peptides such as enamel matrix proteins and bone grafts in periodontal and bone regeneration. Furthermore, ongoing studies are focused on the early and late bone healing in healthy and diabetic or osteoporotic conditions.The Division has a complete programme of translational research from the basic in vitro studies to preclinical and controlled clinical trials where the effect of different implant surfaces or biomaterials is evaluated in terms of molecular, histological and clinical healing. Furthermore, the research team is establishing translational research in stem cells and their possible application in the field of periodontology and implantology.
Research Activities
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  • Early Adhesion of bacteria species on implants
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  • Impact of oral health on general health & wellbeing, evidence-based healthcare and research synthesi
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  • diabetes
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  • periodontal medicine
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  • tissue regeneration
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  • wound healing
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