dr jamieson christie

Joined UCL
  • 2008-10-30

Research Summary

I work in the field of computational materials science.

I use molecular dynamics techniques to build computational models of various materials which are implanted into the body for (bio)medical reasons. These materials have included: bioactive phosphate glasses, yttrium-containing silicate glasses for in situ radiotherapy and fluorine-containing silicate glasses for dental applications. I aim to understand how the structure of the material controls its interactions with the body, and so how materials can be designed and optimised for use as biomedical implants. This work is part of broader aims to connect research in the physical sciences to biomedicine.

I am also interested in the theory and simulation of amorphous (disordered) materials generally, including the development of accurate interatomic force fields, and medium-range order in the structure of glasses.

My work is funded by a UCL Excellence Fellowship. I am also associated with the Industrial Doctorate Centre in Molecular Modelling and Materials Science based in UCL Chemistry, and TYC@UCL, the UCL branch of the Thomas Young Centre.

In 2011, I was seconded (part-time) for six months to the Government Office for Science, the civil service office supporting the Government Chief Scientific Adviser.

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