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  • 2003-09-01
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Research Summary

Our research focuses on the nanoscience and surface science of metal oxides, which play a crucial role in technologies such as catalysis and molecular electronics. The targets of our experiments include developing single molecule spectroscopy on oxide surfaces, imaging single molecule chemistry, and nanofabrication of functional devices. This work employs a suite of scanning probe microscopes, spectrometers, and diffractometers in London together with synchrotron radiation techniques at the Diamond Light Source and ESRF, Grenoble.
Research Activities
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  • Low-Dimensional, Reduced Phases of Ultrathin TiO2
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  • Manipulating Single Atoms
  • 4582
  • Nanoscale modification of surfaces
  • 4581
  • Pd Nanowires
  • 4584
  • Scanning Probe Microscope Facilities
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