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  • 2006-01-15
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  • Department of Mechanical Engineering
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Joined UCL
  • 2006-01-15

Research Summary

Gaetano’s research activity of covers many disciplines, often combined, which include experimental and numerical stress analysis, non conventional materials and bioengineering. 

In recent years, driven by the escalating need for a more sustainable new generation healthcare, Gaetano has focused his activity in the definition of transformative healthcare treatments, by applying his research on novel material technologies, smart structures and advanced engineering approaches to the medical device area.  In collaboration with major biomedical industries, he has led the development of novel therapeutic technologies that are now widely adopted.

These include new families of semi-rigid annuloplasty rings for mitral repair based on super-elastic alloys and auxetic designs, that allow more physiological operative dynamics; new generation of sutureless artificial heart valves that allow significant reduction in cross-clamping time during surgery; new valve solutions based on the use of nano-composite polymers; collapsible prosthetic valves implantable without surgery and fully repositionable in case of misplacement (few of these implants are already on the market), and tissue in situ regeneration (with the UCL Centre of Gastroenterology and Nutrition).

This activity embraces basic and applied research on materials characterisation, fatigue behaviour, durability within hostile environments, physiological systems simulation, as well as the implementation of structural design optimisation procedures and the solution of new problems related with assessment.

The laboratories coordinated by Dr Burriesci are equipped with advanced facilities for the treatment and testing of biomaterials, and state-of-the-art testing devices for the assessment of the hydrodynamic and durability performances of cardiovascular prostheses.  

Research Activities
  • 163
  • Assessment of Cardiovascular Prostheses
  • 8627
  • Characterisation of Biomaterials
  • 162
  • Design of Artificial Heart Valves
  • 6207
  • Development of Genetically Modified Biological Heart Valves for Improved Durability
  • 6202
  • Development of Rapid Prototypes for Muscle Augmentation Using Magnetic Augmentation
  • 8620
  • Development of a Percutaneus Mitral Valve Device
  • 8624
  • Endovascular Device to Occlude Paravalvular Leakage
  • 8625
  • Heart Valve Hemodynamics by Means of PIV Analysis
  • 8621
  • Joining Technologies for Cardiovascular Implants
  • 8626
  • Mitral Valve Simulation
  • 8622
  • Polymeric Heart Valve
  • 8623
  • Smart Structures in Biomedical Applications
  • 161
  • Transcatheter Aortic Valve
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Blood flow triple-imaging
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Academic Background

  • Award Year
  • 2000
    Dottorato di Ricerca
    Universita degli Studi di Palermo
  • 1996
    Universita degli Studi di Palermo
  • 1989
    To be updated


Dr Gaetano Burriesci studied Mechanical Engineering at the University of Palermo (Italy), where he was awarded his MEng degree with first class honours (and a national prize for the best project in Experimental Mechanics) and gained his Doctorate in design and structural optimisation of artificial heart valves. He then was appointed Research Associate in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Sheffield, where he performed research activity in the field of biomechanics and collaborated with AorTech International Plc. in the development of an innovative synthetic leaflets heart valve. Subsequently, he joined SorinGroup SpA, which is an international company operating worldwide in the field of high-technology bioengineering for implantable medical devices, working as a Research Manager in the development and qualification of innovative cardiovascular devices. Gaetano joined the Department as a Lecturer in 2006.

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