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  • Prof Furio Cora
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  • 2005-08-01
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  • 2005-08-01

Research Summary

Our work examines computationally the properties of crystalline solids; the main areas of research cover the functional behaviour of transition metal bearing compounds, and the synthesis and catalytic activity of doped nanoporous solids. We are also interested in applying computational methods to related areas, when unusual behaviour is observed experimentally that would benefit from the atomic-level insight enabled by modelling. From a methodological perspective, we address the performance of hybrid density functionals to study structural and electronic properties of solids. 
Research Activities
  • 2193
  • Functional Materials; Electronic Structure of Transition Metal-Bearing Compounds
  • 2194
  • Synthesis and Catalytic Activity of Doped Nanoporous Oxides (zeolites, AlPOs)
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Additional Information
  • CMR
  • Computational solid state chemistry
  • Functional Materials
  • Surface Chemistry and Catalysis
  • Transition metal oxides
  • Zeolites and AlPOs
  • RGBEL28
  • dr rob bell