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  • 1984-12-01
Joined UCL
  • 1984-12-01

Research Summary

  • Most of Dafydd Griffiths' archaeological interests centre around the microstructural, chemical and physical analysis of inorganic archaeological artefacts with a view to understanding the origins of the raw materials, the technological processes by which the artefacts are manufactured, and the processes by which they change, weather, corrode and decay during use and burial. Weathering studies assist in the interpretation of analytical data from artefacts, and also provide an informed basis for the design and assessment of methods for conserving the information content of archaeological artefacts.
  • Dafydds' interest in applying phyicochemical analytical approaches to improving archaeological understanding includes developing improved methods for facilitating these analyses and adapting methods and equipment so that they can be used in the field. Experimental replication of technological processes is also an area of interest.
  • Man's interaction with the geological environment is a further area of current interest, both in terms of exploitation of geological resources in general and particularly in terms of Man's interaction with volcanic events and materials.
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