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  • Prof Andrew Fisher
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  • 1995-10-01
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Joined UCL
  • 1995-10-01

Research Summary

I run a research group at UCL in the area of theoretical condensed-matter physics. We are interested in understanding the theoretical foundations of nanoscale science and quantum technologies. In particular we are trying to understand the flow of electrons through very small structures (nanostructures) and how nanoscale quantum systems lose quantum coherence through interactions with their environment. We tackle these problems by solving the Schroedinger equation for the electrons in the system, using a mixture of analytical and computational work; we also colaborate with numerous experimental groups working on nanotechnology, both at UCL and elsewhere. I am also co-author of a graduate textbook on the theory of critical phenomena.

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Ref Type: Journal article
Publisher: American Physical Society

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Publisher: The American Physical Socieety

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Publisher: Nature Publishing Group

Academic Background

  • Award Year
  • 1990
    Master of Arts
    University of Cambridge
  • 1989
    Doctor of Philosophy
    University of Oxford
  • 1986
    BA Hons
    Bachelor of Arts (Honours)
    University of Cambridge


I studied Natural Sciences at Cambridge University (1983-1986), taking a Part II in Physics and Theoretical Physics. I then moved to Oxford University to pursue my DPhil research in theoretical condensed-matter physics (1986-9). I remained in Oxford after the completion of my DPhil as a Junior Research Fellow of St John's College (1989-1993). During this period I spent a year as a Royal Society Postdoctoral Fellow at the IBM Zurich Research Laboratory. I was appointed to a Lectureship at Durham University in 1993, and moved to UCL in 1995.  I have been involved as a Principal Investigator in the London Centre for Nanotechnology since its inception in 2006, and I became the Director of the Centre in 2015.

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