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9th November 2011

Computational Materials Science for Industry (CoMSI) Networking Seminar

Venue: Chemistry Auditorium and Nyholm Room, Department of Chemistry, UCL

UCL together with Imperial College and King's College have established the Thomas Young Centre, one of the world's leading centres for the theory and simulation of materials.

This free event is designed to showcase the Centre's world-leading expertise at the cutting edge of materials modelling and related computational research and provide a forum for end users and innovators to network with potential collaborators and customers. The meeting will include a brief introduction to the current state of materials modelling, and expert talks describing how materials modelling has and can benefit industry in areas such as:

- Opto-electronics and data storage

- Surface chemistry (catalysis, gas sensing, corrosion)

- Structural materials (high strength, low weight)

- Pharmaceutical compounds

- Transport of pollutants in the environment

- Structure-property-compositional relationships

- Energy materials

- Materials in interstellar space, in the atmosphere and in planetary interiors

- Future computing devices

- Bioinformatics

- Finite element analysis

There will also be informal time for posters and networking over lunch and in the early afternoon.

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16 June 2011

UCL Electrochemical Innovation Laboratory Launch and Networking Event (including launch of the EI network)

Venue: Nyholm room and Ramsay Lecture Theatre, Department of Chemistry, UCL

1.30 - 5.30pm followed by posters, wine and refreshments

Electrochemical systems are central to some of the most promising technologies for applications relevant to sustainable cities and related areas.  This event is intended to launch the new UCL Electrochemical Network and to provide industry with world leading academic contacts at UCL. The event and refreshments (coffees, buffet and wine) are free and we will be running a parallel poster session.

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The UCL Electrochemical Network:  UCL has traditionally been strong in the area of electrochemical technology; there are currently over 30 academics working in this area or developing materials for electrochemical systems. The ElectrochemNet is a mechanism to raise awareness of the electrochemical research going on at UCL between research groups and externally as well as acting to encourage collaboration and formulation of grant ideas and proposals.

Contact: Jawwad Darr

11 April 2011

UCL Nanomedicine 2011

Venue: Old Refectory; 9.30am (Coffee) - 2.00pm

Nanomedicine is the medical application of nanotechnology and includes the following categories: medical applications of nanomaterials, nano-related therapies, nano-drug delivery, imaging, nano-biomedical materials science, nano-biosensors, molecular nanotechnology and toxicity/environmental impact of nanoscale materials. 

This meeting will consist of short showcase presentations chosen across UCL and there will also be informal time for posters and networking over lunch and in the early afternoon.

The event is particularly aimed at industry who may be seeking to access the huge research base in nanomedicine at UCL. 

Further details including the agenda and information on how to register for this event.

Confirmed speakers include:

Welcome and Opening Address: David Price (UCL) Vice Provost (Research)

Plenary: Prof. Peter Dobson (Oxford) RCUK Strategic Adviser for Nanotechnology.

Selected Keynotes:

  • Tom Duke (LCN) "Overview of nanomedicine activities at the LCN"
  • Dr M. Lythgoe (CABI) "Imaging and magnetic targeting of nanoparticles for preclinical use"
  • Alex Seifalian (Royal Free Hampstead NHS Trust Hospital, Hampstead Campus)
  • Quentin Pankhurst (UCL/Royal Institution)
  • Richard Jackman (Electronic and Electrical Engineering)
  • Mohan Edirisinghe (UCL Mech Eng) "Novel Preparation of Nanoparticles for Nanomedicine"

There will be opportunities for researchers to give 2-minute flash presentations, subject to availability.

If interested, please contact Jawwad Darr