7th February 2012

"Shocks in the solar system : the message of minerals"

by Professor Philippe Gillet

Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne

Tuesday 7th February  1:00 pm, Garwood Lecture Theatre South Wing, UCL.

Professor Gillet has a distinguished history of research in Earth and planetary processes. As well as working on shock processes in planetary evolution, he has also worked on the formation of mountain ranges, developed high pressure diamond anvil techniques, made fundamental insights into the deep mantle and core, and worked on the interactions between bacteria and minerals. He was involved in the NASA Stardust program, and contributed to identifying comet grains collected from the tail of Comet Wild 2. He is currently Vice-President for Academic Affairs at Lausanne, and was previously Chief of Staff of the French Minister of Higher Education and Research, President of the French synchrotron facility SOLEIL, and the Director of the Ecole normale superieure de Lyon. 


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