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Archive of Latest Biomedical Sciences News

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From rural India to a cutting-edge cancer lab

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Raju Veeriah (left) with Theresa May and Nahendra Modi

Meeting a Prime Minister would be a significant moment for most of us, but when UCL researcher Dr Raju Veeriah met Indian Prime Minister Nahendra Modi at the Francis Crick Institute last week, everyone in his home village in India came out in celebration.

Changing how blood pressure is measured will save lives

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blood pressure

Traditional methods of testing for high-blood pressure are no longer adequate and risk missing vital health signs, which can lead to premature death, a study co-led by UCL has found.

Discovery explains how the chickenpox and shingles virus remains dormant

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Varicella zoster virus

A research team led by UCL and Erasmus University has found a missing piece to the puzzle of why the virus that causes chickenpox and shingles can remain dormant for decades in human cells.

‘Killer’ kidney cancers identified by studying their evolution

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Kidney tumor

Kidney cancer follows multiple distinct evolutionary paths, finds new research by a team involving UCL. 

Prostate cancer screening using MRI for earlier diagnosis

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MRI scanner

MRI scans could be used to detect prostate cancer more accurately, according to researchers at UCL, King’s College London and Imperial College London who are launching a new clinical study.

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