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CABI at Royal Society Summer Science Exhibition 2014

Published: Jun 30, 2014 4:22:47 PM

UCL Stroke Case Collection (UStroc)

Published: Jun 30, 2014 4:17:48 PM

Rajiv Jalan

Published: Jun 30, 2014 11:28:01 AM

Elizabeth Denver


Senior Nurse - Centre for Clinical Science & Technology, UCL

Clinical Hypertension Nurse - Department of Diabetes, Whittington Health

Research Interests

  • Research Governance and Management of clinical research
  • Hypertension in Diabetes

Current Research

' Can we improve the control of blood pressure in patients with diabetes by setting up nurse-led hypertension clinics, using protocols developed in secondary care?'

CI: Dr Maria Barnard, Lead Consultant in Diabetes, Whittington Health