PEP Video Grant Application

Psychoanalytic Electronic Publishing, Inc (PEP) now includes the PEP VideoStream platform for hosting video content. All spoken material in the video archive has been transcribed to text and is integrated and fully searchable with the journal and book archive. It is, therefore, possible to find what those in the films say about particular topics just as if they have written articles. See here for more information, or go to PEP Web and click the Videos tab for a demonstration.

As part of the development of PEP VideoStream platform the PEP Directors have created a special fund (in the current year worth $115,557) to fund video projects to develop new content for our platform. Project proposals for grants up to a value of $20,000 maximum for each project are now being sought. The new films will provide an opportunity to reflect on, deepen or explicate core psychoanalytic work. They might include but are not limited to films about:

The closing date for applications in this round is October 31st 2015. Subsequent rounds are anticipated in future years. All applications will be reviewed and decisions as to which applications to fund will be made by a panel of Jurors who have been elected for this purpose by the top one hundred downloaded authors (publishing in the last 20 years) on PEP Web. 

To apply for one of PEP's Video Project grants of up to $20,000, please complete the following form and read the conditions below. By clicking 'Submit' you agre to these conditions and will then will be able to upload the following supporting documentation (files supported: .doc, .docx, .xls, .xlsx and .pdf):

  1. A detailed statement of the project - please make very clear the aim of the proposed film (or films), what the film will consist of, along with a timetable with some mid-point "deliverables".
  2. Production and cost details - authors and those who contribute to journals generally receive no remuneration. While PEP does not rule out that grant costs will include payments to contributors, script writers or producers, these must be justified carefully. Grant funding is intended to permit those with ideas to get professional support rather than to remunerate those associated with the production directly.
  3. Proof of agreement from an organization willing to hold the money - grants will be paid to an institution, organization, university or company to which the applicant is associated with, for audit reasons. We need to know that the organization agrees to accept the money and sign off on proper use of the money. If this is an issue please click here to get in contact with PEP before applying. Please also provide relevant payment details.
  4. Three written references - these are required so that the Jury may evaluate and feel confident in the quality of the people/organisation involved. The references should give details of the applicants relevant experience and ability to complete the project and maybe a critical review of the project to help the Jurors decide.
  5. Written proof of agreement from interviewees, if the main value of your project proposal lies in interviews.

Please note: incomplete applications are not able to be put forward for consideration by the Jury.

Project title:

Project manager's name:

Project manager's email:

Project manager's phone:

Project manager's group or university affiliations:

Other project members' names:

Project abstract, including summary of finance:

(approximately 300 words)

By submitting this application, you agree to the following conditions:

  • the film will be essentially new content, created especially for this project and for PEP and with any existing film used to have all rights certified as belonging to the film-maker.
  • the work will be uploaded to the PEP Web video platform for dissemination with all rights belonging to Psychoanalytic Electronic Publishing, Inc (PEP). PEP will not normally withhold the right additionally to distribute or present the content for other uses (some use at meetings, conferences etc).
  • In the event of any royalties accruing PEP will credit these to the prize account to fund further projects.
  • the video format for final delivery will be agreed at commencement.
  • funding will usually be made available one third at commencement, one third on receipt of mid-point deliverbales, and one third on PEP's receipt of the final product.
  • 3 or 6 monthly reports must be available by the deadlines agreed. Certification of expenditure and progress will be required.
  • the film must be completed within an agreed deadline at the commencement of the project.