Ravi Das

Research Assistant


My research interests include

  • The acute and chronic effects of recreational drugs on cognition and memory.
  • Psychopharmacological models of psychopathology, particularly the ketamine model of schizophrenia.
  • The potential benefits of cognitive enhancers in the treatment of addiction.


Freeman TP, Morgan CJA, Klaasen E, Das RK, Stefanovic A, Brandner B, Curran HV (2009) Superstitious conditioning as a model of delusion formation following chronic but not acute ketamine in humans. Psychopharmacology, 206, 563-573.

Stefanovic A, Brandner B, Klassen E, Cregg R, Nagaratnam M, Bromley L, Das RK, Rossell SL, Morgan CJA, Curran HV (2009) Acute and Chronic Effects of Ketamine on Semantic Priming: Modelling Schizophrenia? Journal of Clinical Psychopharmacology 29, 124-33.