Centre for Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics


Dr. Simon Yona


Research interest

 Our lab is interested in the inflammatory response. Inflammation is an organism’s defensive response to foreign bodies and injury. While this is beneficial, it can go into disarray resulting in tissue damage and the development of chronic inflammatory conditions - including arthritis, fibrosis, multiple sclerosis etc. We are interested in cells of the mononuclear phagocyte system, are a group of white blood cells that play an important role in the body's immune response. The Mononuclear Phagocyte System consists of three types of cell: monocytes, macrophages and dendritic cells (DC), each with distinct functions during both steady state and disease.

In the lab our research focuses on monocyte, DC and macrophage dynamics and function under steady state and during disease to gain insights into how these cells are regulated and regulate physiological and pathological processes. This will potentially enable the development of new treatments, based on a better understanding of how the body responds to inflammation.


Monocyte, macrophage, inflammation.

Standard techniques: Flow cytometry, cell sorting, adoptive transfer.

Selected Recent Publication

  • Yona S & Gordon S (2015) From the Reticuloendothelial to Mononuclear Phagocyte System - The Unaccounted Years. Front Immunol 1;6:328.
  • Aychek T, Mildner A, Yona S, Kim KW, Lampl N, Reich-Zeliger S, Boon L, Yogev N, Waisman A, Cua DJ, Jung S (2015) IL-23-mediated mononuclear phagocyte crosstalk protects mice from Citrobacter rodentium-induced colon immunopathology. (2015) Nature Commun 12;6:6525
  • Guilliams M, Ginhoux F, Jakubzick C, Naik SH, Onai N, Schraml BU, Segura E, Tussiwand R, Yona S (2014) Dendritic cells, monocytes and macrophages: a unified nomenclature based on ontogeny. Nature Rev Immunol 14(8):571-8
  • Yona S, Kim K, Wolf Y, Mildner A, Breker M, Ayali D, Viukov S, Guilliams M, Misharin A, Hume D, Perlman A, Malissen B, Zelzer E & Jung S (2013) Fate mapping reveals origins and dynamics of monocytes and tissue macrophages under homeostasis. Immunity 38 79-91
  • Avraham-Davidi I, Yona S, Grunewald M, Landsman L, Cochain C, Silvestre JS, Mizrahi H, Faroja M, Strauss-Ayali D, Mack M, Jung S, Keshet E (2013) On-site education of VEGF-recruited monocytes improves their performance as angiogenic and arteriogenic accessory cells. J Exp Med 18;210(12):2611-25  (Joint First author)