Centre for Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics


Centre for Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics

The Centre of Clinical Pharmacology at UCL is committed to teaching, training and uncovering the root-cause of disease.

The Centre has its basis in the pioneering work of Professor Brian Prichard, who in 1964 discovered that beta blockers such as propanolol reduce blood pressure and that of Andre McLean (1974) who found that methionine counteracts paracetamol poisoning. Between them, Prichard’s and Mclean’s seminal research has saved countless lives.

Today, the Centre has its sights focused on translational medicine with independent groups interested in the cellular and molecular basis of immunity, the cardiovascular system and its development, obesity and refinement of techniques that facilitate non-invasive imaging of healthy and diseased tissues.

In addition to basic and clinical research, the Centre runs successful undergraduate and postgraduate courses and provides a clinical service to University College Hospital and The Royal Free Hospital.

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Professor Derek Gilroy

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