Course Overview

UCL's English Language Summer School. Run by UCL at UCL!

A student collects his certificate after completing the course

What are the aims of the Course?

The course aims to activate and further develop your English language skills in the key areas of speaking, listening, reading and writing, while expanding your vocabulary and developing your accuracy.

Additionally, you will have the opportunity to experience the cultural diversity of London life through classroom-based preparation, visits and feedback sessions to such places as Bloomsbury, The Tate Britain art gallery, City of London and other places of significant cultural importance.

“I learned various things not only academic English skills but also knowledge about history, linguistics and so on.”

"I’ve learned speaking and listening skills. So these will help with my learning at University."

What level of English do I need to join this course?

This course is suitable for students with an English language level ranging between lower intermediate to advanced.

Applications from students with the following ranges of English are encouraged:

IELTS 4.5 to 7.5
45 to 109
TOEIC 450 to 800
Cambridge PET to CAE
The College English Test (CET) CET4 to CET6

Applicants without the above qualifications may still apply for the course and their English may be tested by the UCL Centre for Languages & International Education.

Can I apply for the course if I've never studied English before?
This course is not for beginners. You will probably have studied English for several years at school, and may be studing English as part of your University degree.

Who studies this course?
The course is particularly suitable for participants who have a specific interest in culture and communications or who study English Language as part of their degree course in their home country. It is an excellent opportunity for those who wish to experience student life at one of the most prestigious universities in the UK.

How long are the 2014 courses?

3 Week Spring Course

Monday 24 February to Friday 14 March

3 Week Summer Course

Monday 11 to Friday 29 August 

Fees include:

15 -21 hours per week of classes and accompanied educational visits.

Materials used in class.

Library and computing facilities including email/ internet access at UCL.

Welcome lunch at UCL.

West End Theatre production.

A farewell party.

Will I have language classes every day?

Yes. Students are provided with 21 hours contact time per week from Monday to Friday, combining language classes, classes on cultural themes, visit preparation, guided visits and feedback sessions. On afternoons when there are no visits as part of the course, participants may wish to visit suggested places of cultural interest; or time can be spent on personal study, using the many facilities available on the UCL campus; please note this is entirely optional. There is also an optional weekly academic lecture and cultural exchange.

Tuition fees: £1,380

See Living in London

See sample timetable

How many students are in each class
The typical class size on the course is 12 participants, but the maximum size is set at 14.

Is there much homework on the course?

Students will be expected to be prepared for the Discussion Skills class on the day after each visit. In addition, students will need to work outside the classroom on a research project and prepare for their final presentation and report.

There will be many opportunities for you to practice and develop your English language skills, you will decide how much time you wish to spend on these extra activities each week.

Is there a formal exam at the end of the course?

Participants will be asked to give a short presentation and students will be asked to submit a written report. They will receive end-of-course feedback (a short report) with comments on progress and recommendations for continuing language development.

Student from Yamaguchi University  (Japan) with her certificate

Will I receive a certificate at the end of the course?
Each course participant will receive a UCL Spring / Summer English Course for International University Students Certificate (providing there has been a minimum attendance of 80% on the course). A short report on students' progress on the course will also be provided (please see above).

What have other students said about the course in the past?

  • "I really enjoyed this course, and I feel that I enjoyed speaking English."
  • "Yes, my English skill has improved' 'I heard English everyday, all day."
  • "UCL is kind to students, and London is a great city."
  • "The equipment in UCL to improve English skills are good, I think. I really enjoyed my life in London. Thank you."
  • "There were many opportunities to visit many places and get experiences...these experiences will be useful when I think about Japan from other viewpoints."
  • "I could talk with a lot of people from foreign countries. I made friends with them."
  • "It was fun to talk with various people. I don't have such chances in Japan."
  • "Everything is enjoyable and interesting for me. I enjoyed learning."
  • "London has a lot of history.. Most [buildings] are made of brick.. They are very beautiful."
  • "London is a wonderful place for me. Sightseeing is very enjoyable, British people are kind and friendly. I spent precious time through this course."
  • "The overseas study programme of UCL is solid, and London has.. wonderful cultures."
  • "The Lion King [Musical] was the most impressive show I've ever seen."

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