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2015 Spring/Summer English Courses for International University Students

UCL's English Language Summer School. Run by UCL at UCL!

3 Week Spring Course 

3 Week Summer Course

Monday 23 February to Friday 13 March 2015
Monday 10 to Friday 28 August 2015

                                      2015 Tuition fees per course: £1,450

About the course

These courses are suitable for university students who are non-native English speakers wishing to further develop their English Language skills and explore the rich diversity of London through work in the classroom and guided educational visits.

The courses are particularly suitable for participants who have a specific interest in culture and communications or who study English Language as part of their degree. It is an excellent opportunity for those who wish to experience student life at one of the most prestigious universities in the UK.

Students will receive high-quality language tuition and  cultural input relevant to many interesting and exciting guided visits on offer.

Student from Yamaguchi University  (Japan) with her certificate

UCL (University College London) is located in the heart of London.

The cultural focus of the course will allow participants to experience London's historical past and present through visiting places of significant cultural importance. Students will activate and develop their English Language skills in the key areas of speaking and listening while expanding vocabulary and developing accuracy.

Participants will review their knowledge of English and will have the opportunity to practice their speaking and listening skills. 

This course is intended for intermediate to advanced students in the range 4.5 to 7.5 IELTS or equivalent. Please note that you do not need IELTS or any other formal English language qualification to be considered for the course – just complete the online application form on this page.

Studying and Activities Classes (language):

  • English language skills
  • Communicative language practice
  • Presentation Skills
  • Report Writing
  • Visit Preparation

Themes (visit preparation, sample)

  • British Culture
  • University College London
  • The British Economy
  • British Art
  • British Media
  • Theatre in London

(Depending on your strand)

Guided visits (sample):

  • UCL Campus and Bloomsbury
  • East End of London
  • The BBC
  • Tate Britain Art Gallery
  • A London Theatre
  • Greenwich

Additional Activities include:

UCL academic lectures and exchanges with UCL students

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