Course Fees

All UPC lectures, seminars, tutorials and practical laboratory sessions are delivered within the University. The course is taught across the central UCL site. UPC Students are registered as UCL students and have access to all UCL, University of London and the Centre's academic, welfare, and social and cultural resources.

2014 UPC Course Fees

UPCH: £15,250 UPCSE: £15,750
UPCH for Architecture: £16,250 UPCSE for Architecture: £16,750

Your course fees include the costs of all course tuition (including some course books), access to the UCL IT network with Internet and e-mail facilities and research rights at UCL libraries.

Paying Tuition Fees

All fees must be paid in full prior to the beginning of the orientation course when you will be required to formally register as a UCL student.

Once we have received your fees, we will issue you with a letter confirming your place on the course. We will also be able to process any application for UCL Halls of Residence once your course fees have been received. UPC course fees can be paid by bank transfer, draft, cheque, cash, credit and debit card. Full details of how to pay the fees will be sent out with our formal offer pack.

Field Trips and excursions:

During the course students are invited to attend regular trips and outings to places of interest in and around London for social and academic purposes. As far of possible the cost of these trips is covered by the Centre and students are given information in advance about likely travel, food and any other costs that may need to be covered by the students as part of the activity.

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Living expenses

In addition to paying your tuition fees you will also need to consider how you are going to meet your living costs while you are studying. Funds will be required to cover the costs of your accommodation, food and travel as well as other costs associated with your studies, such as books, and everyday life, such as clothes and entertainment.

Estimates of how much money you will need may vary considerably, as the lifestyles and circumstances of individual students differ. For a single, undergraduate student studying for a calendar year, an estimated average would be in the region of £245 per week. This should be considered only as a guide; some students may find they can live within this allowance, yet others may find it insufficient to meet their expectations.

All students should be aware that they will probably incur initial expenses such as a deposit for accommodation and purchase of books. International students may also need to buy clothing suitable for the British climate.

More information can also be found on the UCL Fees & Finance pages.

Is the course good value for money?

Yes. Students on the course would not be eligible for direct entry to undergraduate courses in the very best universities in the UK. These students would usually be expected to complete either A-levels or some form of preparatory course before being eligible for undergraduate study in these institutions.

A-level courses in the UK are generally taught over two years, while the UPC can be completed in one year, given the level of academic knowledge required by all students before joining the course. The financial savings made through studying for just one year in a university environment make the UPC very good value for money and a sound investment for the future.

In addition, the course is special in offering integrated English linked to the needs of humanities students. Feedback from students shows that having a good knowledge of academic English is absolutely essential if one is to achieve good grades at undergraduate level. The UPC is an excellent foundation for this continued success.

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