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> Chemistry

pdf Syllabus/clie/preparatory-certificates/upc-brochures-2014-entry/chemistry
UPCSE student in a UCL Chemistry Laboratory
UPCSE student in a UCL Chemistry Laboratory

In this unit students are introduced to the basic principles of the subject and are then expected to explore the way they apply in particular circumstances and to then use them to solve problems, both practical and theoretical. The three strands of the subject, physical, inorganic and organic chemistry are developed together in an integrated way with the emphasis on the unifying concepts.

The practical course, which uses UCL's undergraduate laboratory, is combined with the lecture course so that the theory content is fully supported by experimental work.

Where appropriate the course places chemistry in a wider context showing its applications and their implications for the society in which we live.

The outline content is as follows:

  • Physical Chemistry: Atomic structure, chemical bonding; energetics, kinetics and equilibria, all treated quantitatively;
  • Inorganic Chemistry: The Periodic Table, acid-base reactions, quantitative analysis, redox reactions, shapes of molecules;
  • Organic Chemistry: Study of the common functional groups with an underlying emphasis on mechanism; Use of modern instrumental methods - IR UV mass spetrometry, nmr- to characterise molecules.

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