Entry to Degree Programmes at UCL and Other UK Universities

On average, over 50% of students successfully completing UPC courses each year go on to study their degree programmes at UCL.

UCL guarantees an offer of an undergraduate place for UPC students predicted to meet the entry requirements for undergraduate programmes in the UCL Faculties of Engineering Sciences, Life Sciences and Mathematical and Physical Sciences.

In 2012, 70% of UPC  students applying to UCL through UCAS received an offer. 74% of these students placed UCL as their first choice for their undergraduate degree.

Examples of the universities and undergraduate courses which UPC students have progressed to:


Architecture European Social & Political Studies
Arts and Sciences
Astrophysics Geophysics
Biochemical Engineering History of Art
Biochemistry Human Genetics
Biological Sciences Information Management for Business
Biomedical Sciences Law
Biotechnology Mathematics
Civil and Environmental Engineering Mathematics and Computer Science
Civil Engineering Mathematics and Management Studies
Chemical Engineering Mathematics with Economics
Chemistry Mechanical Engineering
Computer Science Medicine
English Literature
Economics Physics
Electronic and Electrical Engineering Psychology
Engineering with Business Finance Statistical Science
Environmental Biology Statistics, Economics and Finance
Environmental Engineering Urban Planning, Design and Management

Other Universities

Oxford Mathematics; Computer Science
Cambridge Law, Computer Science; Philosophy; Physics
Bristol Chemistry with Industrial Experience
City Economics & Accountancy; Economics
Edinburgh Genetics; Law and Politics;
Mathematics with Management Law
Glasgow Physics
Goldsmiths Sociology and Cultural Studies; History of Art
Imperial College Biology; Chemical Engineering;
Chemistry; Computer Science; Computing (Artificial Intelligence);  Electronic and Electrical Engineering; Information Systems Engineering; Mathematics; Mathematics & Computer Science; Mathematics with Economics; Mathematics with Statistics; Mathematics with Statistics for Finance; Physics with Theoretical Physics; Statistical Science
King's College London Electronic Engineering; Telecommunication Engineering
Loughborough Mathematics
LSE Economics; Law; Philosophy and Economics
Manchester Computer Science; Engineering;
Modern Language and Business Management; ITM for Business; Law
Newcastle Architecture
Nottingham Accounting and Management; Economics and Business; Finance
Queen Mary Economics; International Relations; Mathematics with Business Management
Roehampton Classical Civilisation
Sussex Law
Economics; Engineering with Business Management; History of Art; Law; Politics with International Studies
Computer Science; Psychology