Sample Tests

These sample tests give an approximate idea of the style and level of question you might be asked in your UPCHmel entrance tests:

UCL Undergraduate Preparatory Certificate for the Humanities (UPCH) with a Modern European Language

This course is designed for students who use English fluently.

UPCSE Physics class

UPCH is a foundation or 'bridging' course for degrees in the humanities and social sciences. It is designed for international students who are aiming to gain access to undergraduate degree programmes in Arts and Humanities at UCL (University College London) or at other top UK universities.

UPCH is an intensive one-year course for international students of high academic potential, combining the study of two academic subjects, academic study skills and a modern European language.

Undergraduate Preparatory Certificate for Humanities (UPCH)

The course helps students gain entry to the best undergraduate degree courses in the Arts (including Architecture), the Humanities, Social Sciences (including Economics and Law), Business and Mathematics-related programmes.

Students will be prepared for the following subjects at undergraduate degree level at UCL including Anthropology, Archaeology, Architecture, Economics, European Languages and Culture, European Social and Political Studies, Geography, History, History of ArtInformation Management for Business, Law and Philosophy.

Applicants from the USA

Students following the USA’s 12 year education system and studying fewer than four full AP courses or those who receive the High School Graduation Diploma or IB certificates (not the full IB Diploma) can apply for entry to UCL degree programmes via the undergraduate foundation year. The UCL University Preparatory Certificate for the Humanities (UPCH) will prepare US students of high academic potential for undergraduate degree level study at UCL. In one academic year students will gain the academic skills required for successful undergraduate study in the UK.

It may be helpful to think about the UPCH course as being equivalent to a 'Freshmen year' at a US university.

Preparation for university at university

UPCH students working in the library

The UPCH course is specifically designed to help students develop their subject and linguistic skills in a university environment, and to assist them to adapt to living in the UK and to studying successfully in the British higher education system.

All lectures, seminars, and tutorials are delivered within the university. UPCH Students are registered as UCL students and have access to all UCL, University of London and Centre's academic, welfare, and social and cultural resources.

All Undergraduate Preparatory Certificate students will receive individual help and advice on applying for their following degree programmes during their UPCH course.

UCL undergraduate degrees for students studying UPCH with a modern European Language
A list of some of UCL’s degree programmes UPCHmel applicants may be interested in can be found at the following links:
UCL Faculty of Arts and Humanities,
UCL Faculty of Social and Historical Sciences, UCL Faculty of the Built Environment

Entrance requirements:

London Taxi

Students should hold a minimum GPA of 3.0 /4.0. Applicants will usually have a good upper intermediate command of either French, German, Italian or Spanish. French and Spanish are also offered at beginners' level, to students with little or no prior knowledge. Applicants wishing to study at this level must be able to follow an intensive French or Spanish Summer Course at UCL before starting the UPCH in September.

An English Language exam will be required for applicants who do not use English as a first language.


Students applying for UPCH (with a Modern European Language) are expected to be completing their High School Diploma, obtaining very good grades. Applicants should submit a completed UPCH application and reference form.

Copies of school transcripts should also be included, as well as any qualifications gained in a Modern European Language.

UPCH applicants wishing to study Architecture will need to demonstrate an existing level of art skills and samples of art work will be requested during the UPCH application procedure.

Students applying for this programme will usually be required to provide a copy of the test score of any required English language exam taken.

Suitable applicants will be required to sit Entrance Tests for admission to the programme. Where possible these will be taken at the applicant’s High School. If successful, the applicant will be interviewed for the course.

All applicants will complete a Critical Thinking Test. Applicants choosing to study the Mathematics subject module will also be required to sit an entrance test in this subject.

It is advised that applicants are familiar with the sample test(s) before taking their actual entrance tests.

All applicants will be required to sit an entrance test in their chosen Modern European Language and undertake a short interview (by telephone). See the righthand menu links for sample tests.

Most UPCH students will use English as a second language and will be required to study Academic English instead of the Modern European Language module.

Click here to access the UPCH web pages for all international students.

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