Sample Tests

These sample tests give an approximate idea of the style and level of question you might be asked in your UPC entrance tests.

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UPC for Architecture

UPC students aiming for an Architecture BSc degree at UCL will also take the ‘Media Studies: Looking, Making and Communicating’ course at the UCL Bartlett School of Architecture in addition to the two subject modules selected. The Bartlett course provides portfolio development as well as the opportunity to see first-hand what it means to study Architecture at UCL.

This first year undergraduate course component takes place in the Bartlett School. It comprises weekly workshop-based lectures in term one followed by specialised seminars/ workshops in term two. These aim to introduce students to a variety of technical skills enabling them to explore and communicate their ideas. The focus is on translating an idea into physical form (i.e. drawing, model, film, text). Essential portfolio development and preparation skills are included in this component.

UPC students following the UCL Bartlett Architecture BSc pathway will be continually assessed for their suitability for the Architecture BSc by the Bartlett during the Media Studies courses.

      ‘The Bartlett encourages a range of materials to be used as well as your
       imagination and thoughts on what you are designing for.’

       Katya, former UPCH student

      'The Media Studies Course has developed my horizons. I had only experienced
       traditional painting styles prior to studying at the Bartlett. Studying  Academic
       English as well as other subject modules has helped me develop a broader
       range of skills.'
       Kun, former UPCSE student

Specific entrance requirements

UPC Applicants require some existing observational drawing and art &  design skills. The Bartlett Summer Foundation or The Slade Summer School are also recommended for UPC students prior to starting an UPC course.

Guidelines for examples of art work (the ‘portfolio’) required for UPC Architecture BSc pathway admission:

  • A minimum of 6 freehand observational drawings e.g. drawings of objects, people, landscapes etc. (your drawings should be observed from real life, not from photographs)
  • Plus examples of your work from 3 or more of the following categories: paintings from life, imaginative visual compositions in any media, collages, 3-dimensional work in any media.