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> Geography

This subject module is recommended for students wishing to apply to the following degree programmes:  Geography BA or BSc, Architecture BSc, European Social and Political Studies BA, History BA, Information Management for Business BSc amongst others.

UPCH Students

Geography involves various forms of knowledge from a broad range of academic disciplines such as the natural sciences, social sciences, humanities and arts in order to consider contemporary global challenges.

It is an essential subject for anyone who wishes to work in a global environment, whether that be finance, accounting and resource management development and planning, architecture or government policy. Many geography graduates can also be found working in the cultural and media worlds as writers, journalists and broadcasters.

This module has been devised in connection with the UCL Geography department and spans from human geography to environmental change and earth science. You will explore themes such as: historical geography, cultural geography, the built environment, social geography of race, gender and sexuality, sustainable development geopolitics; and more.

Content and skills

You will be introduced to key elements of Geography and the Built Environment and will study various types of interconnections between people, places and the planet. Central to these studies are the understanding of the key geographical concepts of space and place. These will be explored historically and culturally through studying a diverse range of media and information resources.

Skills include: geographical methodologies and practices, critical inquiry and independent research, self-reflexivity, academic reading and discourse analysis. There will be several team based projects and specific fieldwork exploring London.
Typical locations include: the National Gallery, the London Transport Museum, Bloomsbury, the Olympic Park, the Houses of Parliament and the town of Margate (Kent).

Course structure

Students will engage in individual and group work in lectures, seminars and field trips.  In addition to the end of term tests and final exams, you will complete three coursework essays (known as Geofolios) in the first term, before you work on an individual Research Project (second and third terms).

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