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> Economics

This subject module is recommended for students wishing to apply to the following degree programmes: Economics BSc, Economics and Statistics BSc, Economics and Mathematics BSc, Economics and Finance BSc, Bachelor of Arts and Sciences BASc, Information Management for Business BSc, European, Social and Political Studies BA, History BA, Urban Studies BSc amongst others.

UPCSE Physics class

This module provides a thorough introduction to Economics theory and applications.

The course will cover microeconomics and macroeconomics. You will have two one-hour lectures, followed by two seminar hours the week after. That is, each week’s seminar will be devoted to the topics covered in lecture the previous week.

Upon completion of the course, you should be able to understand the following key economic problems: what economic activity is in different systems, its various components and functioning, and why we use ‘markets’ to analyse the economy; the model of supply and demand, equilibrium, and the effect of introducing government; the Keynesian macroeconomic model of goods and assets, and the role of government. You will also be able to use mathematical techniques to solve simple problems in micro- and macroeconomics and to apply economic reasoning to analyse simple real-life questions.

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