Sample Tests

These sample tests give an approximate idea of the style and level of question you might be asked in your UPC entrance tests.

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How do I apply for the course?

Applicants will normally be completing Secondary/ High School qualifications that do not allow direct entry to UCL degree programmes.

UPCH student in Art and Literature seminar

Suitable UPC applicants will be holding excellent grades which will be demonstrated on school transcripts. Please see below for a list of some country qualifications accepted for UPC entry and minimum grades required for you to be considered for a UPC course.

UPC courses are not suitable for international students completing their secondary education with qualifications which allow them direct entry onto a UCL undergraduate degree programme (e.g. A levels, IB Diploma). Please view UCL's International Student pages to see how qualifications are considered for undergraduate degree entry, by country.

UPC Applications

Applications are made on the UCL Centre for Languages & International Education website.

Documents required for application:

  • Fully completed application form
  • A teacher’s reference
  • Copies of school transcripts
  • An English language qualification (IELTS / TOEFL) - see English language requirements
  • Application fee
  • Copies of art work samples - for applicants wishing to follow the Architecture BSc pathway

UPC entrance tests

Following the submission of the application documents listed above, suitable candidates will be contacted regarding their entrance tests. 

We strongly recommend that all UPC applicants are familiar with the UPC sample entrance tests before applying for the course. The tests are an indication of the level and style of questions suitable applicants will answer on their entrance tests.

UPC interview

UPC applicants who pass the UPC entrance tests will be interviewed (Skype or telephone) by the course co-ordinator. The interview allows us to assess your suitability for the course and for you to ask us any questions you may have.

When should I apply for the course?

Places on the course are limited so you are advised to apply for the course as early as possible. Applications open in November the year prior to entry. 

What happens once I have sent my application ?

Once your application form and copies of all certificates have been received, the UPC Administrator will contact you to arrange for you to take the UPC entrance tests. On successful completion of the UPC entrance tests you will be contacted about your (telephone) interview.

What qualifications will I need before applying?

UCL UPC applicants will be expected to complete the appropriate High School Certificate or Diploma in their own country and have obtained, or are expecting to obtain, very good grades. We will consider the grades you have achieved to date and look at any predicted grades. We may contact your referee to check any predicted grades. By the time you start a UPC course, it is important that you have obtained your high school graduation certificate or diploma and have achieved excellent grades. A guide to the minimum national high school qualifications UPC applicants should submit evidence of, along with their UPC application form, is given below. Suitable applicants will then be contacted regarding their Entrance Tests.

Minimum qualifications required by UPC applicants:
Should your country not be listed please note we require strong grades and performance to be demonstrated on secondary school transcripts and reference.
American / International School US High School Graduation Diploma GPA 3.4/4.0
Please note applicants for UPC courses will only be considered if they are taking fewer than 5 AP exams. To be eligible for consideration for a UCL degree programme directly students must have usually obtained passes in five, full-year Advanced Placement (AP) examinations at grades 4/5.
Arab States:
Bahrain, Jordan, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Syria
Tawjahiya with overall average minimum of 85%
Azerbaijan Senior High School Certificate with an average of 4.5
China High School Certificate Term 1, grade 3 with an average of 80% from key schools or 85% from other schools
Successful completion of Bachillerato (High School) with average grade of 75%
Cyprus (Greek section) Apolitirion with a minimum of 17/20
Completion of Senior Secondary School with overall grade of 17/20
Egypt Thanaweya A’ama with grade average of 85%

Apolitirion with a minimum of 17/20

The National Apolytirion may be accepted for entry to some degree programmes but it not acceptable for entry to programmes in law, medicine, engineering, economics or English.

India Successful completion of Higher Senior School Certificate with grade average of 75% [ 65% for Maharashta, Tamil Nadu and West Bengal Boards]
Please note students with CISCE and CBSE certificates are not eligible for UPC courses as these qualifications are accepted by UCL for direct entry.
Iran Diplom-Metevaseth (National High School Diploma) with grade average of 17/20
Japan Kotogakko Sotsugyo Shomeisho (High School Certificate) with 5 relevant subjects at grade 4 or above.
Kazakhstan Senior High School Certificate with an average of 4.5/5
Kyrgyzstan Senior High School Certificate with an average of 4.5

Lebanese Baccalaureat with a minimum of 16/20 or 80%

Morocco Bacchalaureat with an average of 16/20

WASSCE or NECO with at least 5 relevant subjects at grade B3 minimum

or the Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) with 300+ points and at least 5 relevant subjects at grade C4 or above.

Pakistan Middle School Report plus Intermediate Certificate with a minimum grade of 70%.
Russia Senior High School Certificate with an average of 4.5 / 5.
South Korea Senior High School Certificate with a minimum grade of 70%.
Taiwan Senior High School Leaving Certificate with grade B (70%) in 5 relevant subjects.
Thailand 12 years of education and the Mathayom M6 with a minimum grade of 3.2 or 80%
Turkey Lise Diplomasi (High School Diploma) with grades of 4.2 /5.0
Ukraine Atestat pro Povnu Zagal'nu Seredniu Osvitu (Ukrainian High School Leaving Certificate) with a minimum grade of 10 / 12
Vietnam Senior High School Certificate with relevant grades of at least 8.0

To check if UCL will consider your qualification for direct entry onto a UCL Undergraduate degree please visit UCL's International Student pages.

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