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University Preparatory Certificate (UPC)

The University Preparatory Certificate (UPC) is a foundation course for students who have completed their Secondary / High School education and who have high academic potential. Over one academic year, from September to late June / early July, the course provides an intensive preparation for the academic, research and linguistic challenges of an undergraduate degree programme at Nazarbayev University.

Students study two Compulsory Modules, English for Academic Purposes and Science and Society, and two other Subject modules. The Subject Modules available for students are: Mathematics and Physics or Biology and Chemistry or Economics and International Relations.

This combination of four modules will effectively prepare students for further study in the Science and Engineering, Humanities and Social Sciences or in the NU School of Medicine undergraduate programmes offered at Nazarbayev University (NU).


A UPCSE student completing a practical.

Preparation for university at university.

All science lectures, seminars, tutorials and practical laboratory sessions are delivered within Nazarbayev University. Students studying the UPC course at the Centre for Preparatory Studies (CPS) are registered as Nazarbayev University students and have access to all NU and CPS academic, welfare, social and cultural resources.

With a reputation for academic excellence and success, the UPC course provides an academically challenging and rewarding programme of study, ensuring that on completing the course CPS students are ready to face the challenges of university study at the NU with confidence and independence.


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