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Knots - Mathematics with a Twist

Alexei Sossinsky , Harvard University Press , 2002
This book is a clear, concise, and engaging introduction to knot theory. As well as describing the basic ideas and applications of the subject, this book also looks at the history of the theory and the problems confronting knot theorists today

Mathematics - The Core Course for A-Level

L Bostock and F S Chandler , Nelson Thornes , 1981
Written for the Edexcel Syllabus B and similar schemes offered by the major Awarding Bodies. The authors have incorported many modern approaches to mathematical understanding whilst retaining the most effective traditional methods. Plenty of worked examples and stimulating exercises also support this highly popular text.

The Calculus Gallery

William Dunham , Princeton University Press , 2005
This is a book of mathematical exposition and, in particular, of calculus, whose growth and development are charted by sampling from the work of some of its foremost practioners, beginning with Isaac Newton and Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz in the late seventeenth century and gradually moving on to Henri Lebesgue at the dawn of the twentieth.

The Calculus Gallery: Masterpieces from Newton to Lebesgue

William Dunham , Princeton University Press , 2006
Anyone who has studied and enjoyed calculus will discover in these pages the sheer excitement each mathematician must have felt when pushing into the unknown. In touring The Calculus Gallery, we can see how it all came to be.

The Concise Oxford Dictionary of Mathematics

Christopher Clapham James Nicholson , OUP Oxford; 4 edition , 2009
the depth of information provided is admirable' New Scientist 'the style encourages browsing and a desire to find out more about the topics discussed' Mathematica

Thomas' Calculus

George B. Thomas , Pearson Education Ltd , 2005
This book introduces students to the methods and applications of calculus, as well as the mathematical language needed for applying the concepts of calculus to numerous applications in science and engineering. It is excellent preparation for courses in differential equations, linear algebra, or advanced calculus.

Understanding Pure Mathematics

A.J. Sadler , Oxford University Press , 1987
This book covers in one volume all topics required in the pure mathematics section of single subject A-level Mathematics syllabuses. It is equally appropriate to those preparing for examinations at AS-level and it covers a significant part of the work required by those studying for Further Mathematics and A-level Pure Mathematics, or other intermediate examinations.