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Why the Industrial Revolution Happened Here.

Professor Jeremy Black examines one of the most extraordinary periods in British history: the Industrial Revolution. He explains the unique economic, social and political conditions that by the 19th century, led to Britain becoming the richest, most powerful nation on Earth. It was a time that transformed the way people think, work and play forever.

Women - Episode 01: Libbers

Vanessa Engle
Acclaimed filmmaker Vanessa Engle turns her attention to sexual politics in a three-part documentary series about feminism and its impact on women's lives today. This first episode charts the rise of the women's liberation movement in the 1970s, and includes interviews with legendary British and American feminists, such as Kate Millett, Susan Brownmiller and Germaine Greer, and the last ever interview with novelist Marilyn French, who died in May 2009

Women - Episode 02: Mothers

Vanessa Engle
The second part looks at the consequences of feminism for today's mothers. It documents the daily lives of ordinary women with children, interviewing women as well as their partners, to discover whether feminism has had an impact on gender roles in the family and the division of labour in the home.

Women - Episode 03: Activists

Vanessa Engle
The concluding part looks at a small group of passionate and committed young activists, who believe that the need for feminist politics is now more urgent than ever. The film follows them as they prepare for their first ever conference as well as a march through central London.


A Little History of the World

E. H. Gombrich , Yale University Press , 2008
In Forty concise chapters, Gombrich tells the story of man from Stone Age to the atomic bomb. In between emerges a colourful picture of wars and conquests, grand works of art, and the spread and limitations of science.
  • 978-0-300143324
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An Intelligent Person's Guide to Classics

Peter Jones , Gerald Duckworth & Co , 1999
Aims to outline the history of the period covered by the Classics; to indicate briefly how the literature and remains of the ancient world have been preserved and revealed; and to discuss aspects of Greek and Roman life and thought.
UPCH%%%Classical World
  • 0-7156-3137-3
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The Penguin History of Economics

Roger E. Backhouse , Penguin Books Ltd , 2002
A very clear, reliable and readable history of economic thought from the ancient world to the present day. From Homer to Marx to John Stuart Mill, Backhouse shows how to keep your Keynsians from your post-Keynsians and New Keynsians. A core book.
UPCH%%%Economics & Finance
  • 0-140-26042-7
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The World of Athens

Joint Association of Classical Teachers , Cambridge University Press; reprint edition , 1984
The World of Athens is a serious, up-to-date account of the history and culture of fifth century Athens for adults, university students and sixth-formers with an intelligent interest in ancient Greece.
UPCH%%%Classical World
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The World of Rome: An Introduction to Roman Culture

Peter V. Jones and Keith C. Sidwell , Cambridge University Press , 1997
The World of Rome is an introduction to the history and culture of Rome for students at university and at school as well as for anyone seriously interested in the ancient world. Drawing on the latest scholarship, it covers all aspects of the city - its rise to power, what made it great, and why it still engages and challenges us today.
UPCH%%%Classical World
  • 978-0521386005
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An Imaginary Tale - The Story of the Square Root of Minus One

Paul J. Nahin , Princeton University Press , 1998
In this book, Paul Nahin tells the 2000-year-old history of one of Mathematics' most elusive numbers: the square root of minus one, also known as i, re-creating the baffling mathematical problems that conjured it up and colourful characters who tried to solve them.
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Eureka! Scientific Breakthroughs That Changed the World

Leslie Alan Horvitz , John Wiley & Sons Ltd , 2002
Since the day Archimedes leapt from his bathtub and ran naked through the streets of ancient Syracuse shouting 'Eureka!' the history of science has been punctuated by moments of true insight and discovery. This book exlores the events and thought processes that led twelve great minds to their 'eureka moments.'
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Knots - Mathematics with a Twist

Alexei Sossinsky , Harvard University Press , 2002
This book is a clear, concise, and engaging introduction to knot theory. As well as describing the basic ideas and applications of the subject, this book also looks at the history of the theory and the problems confronting knot theorists today
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