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Business English Books

New business matters business English with a lexical approach Coursebook

Powell, M. , Thomson , 2004
New Business Matters is a stimulating language course for students of business English.
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The Business Advanced Student's Book

Allison, J. , Macmillan , 2009
The Business is a major new course for the next generation of business leaders. Initial research into the development of the course looked at university syllabi from over 14 countries and developed The Business syallabus to better reflect business students' needs. Each unit is divided into 6 modules- business knowledge, vocabulary, grammar, writing, speaking and case study. Its modularity allows you to choose a learning path which will complement your academic syllabus.
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Medical English Books

English in Medicine - A Course in Communication Skills (2nd Ed.)

Glendinning, E.H. & Holstr , Cambridge University Press , 1998
The aim of this book is to develop the English language skills required by medical personnel for successful communication in their wirk or study.
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