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British Sign Language

Being Deaf: The Experience of Deafness

George Taylor & Juliet Bishop (eds.)
This book brings together the experiences of deaf people and in the process raises many complex issues, illustrating that being deaf is more than a straightforward case of classification by hearing loss. Many of the accounts in this book deal with questions of identity and community, isolation and rejection, and overt discrimination.

British Sign Language

Dorothy Miles
An introduction to British Sign Language aimed at both hearing and deaf people. As well as explaining how BSL works, the author gives a fascinating account of the history of signing, and a chapter by Paddy Ladd describes how Britain's deaf community and its language have survived a century of attack and are at last today attracting respect and acceptability.

Horizon - Miracle Cure? A Decade of the Human Genome (signed)

A decade ago, scientists announced that they had produced the first draft of the human genome, the 3.6 billion letters of our genetic code.It was seen as one of the greatest scientific achievements of our age, a breakthrough that would usher in a new age of medicine. A decade later, Horizon finds out how close we are to developing the life-changing treatments that were hoped for.

Horizon - Who Do You Want Your Child to Be? (signed)

David Baddiel, father of two, sets out to answer one of the greatest questions a parent can ask: how best to educate your child. Taking in the latest scientific research, David uncovers some unconventional approaches: from the parent hot-hosing his child to record-breaking feats of maths, to a school that pays hard cash for good grades.

Human Planet - Cities - Surviving the Urban Jungle

A look at the one environment that's been made by us for us - the city. Over half of the world's population now lives in the urban jungle. The city is built to keep untamed nature out - but nature can't be pushed away. From bed bugs sucking our blood at night to rats in our restaurants, many animals have adapted to a life with us.
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Human Planet - Oceans - Into the Blue

As an air-breathing animal, the human is not built to survive in water. But people have found ways to live an almost aquatic life so they can exploit the sea's riches. From a 'shark-whisperer' in the Pacific to Brazilian fishermen collaborating with dolphins to catch mullet, this journey into the blue reveals astonishing tales of ingenuity and bravery.
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Iran and the West. Episode 2. The Pariah State

Dai Richards
Second episode in the documentary series marking the 30th anniversary of the Iranian Revolution. Inside stories are told by two ex-presidents of Iran, Hashemi Rafsanjani and Mohammad Khatami, by two founders of Iran's Revolutionary Guard, and by leading westerners including Secretaries of State George Shultz, Warren Christopher and Madeleine Albright.
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Justice - Freedom Vs Fit (Signed)

The seventh of Harvard professor Michael Sandel's famous lectures on the philosophy of justice looks at the issue of individual rights and the freedom to choose. If our place in society is determined by where we best fit, doesn't that eliminate personal choice? What if I am best suited to do one kind of work, but I want to do another?