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Bab.la language portal offers you dictionary translations, language quizzes & games, vocabulary lessons for learning and much more. bab.la is interactive: You can enter your own translation, create your own language test or your own vocabulary flashcards

Bridge to China

Bridge to China aims to further the understanding of all aspects of the Chinese speaking world. China here is used in a very wide sense and includes mainland China, Taiwan, Singapore and anywhere else where the Mandarin language is spoken. It gives particular importance to the understanding of the modern Mandarin language.


Chineasy’s goal is to allow people to learn to read Chinese easily by recognising characters through simple illustrations. The magical power of the Chineasy method is that by learning one small set of building blocks, students can build many new words, characters, and phrases. Master a few sets of building blocks and your learning will accelerate to a whole new level.


Global Language Online Support System is a database of interactive language lessons from the Defense Language Institute. Lessons contain authentic audio and video texts, activities, glossaries, and links for further information on the topics.

Grasp Chinese

For listening and speaking, here are 10 useful conversations with video


Online Chinese dictionary, for both Simplified and Traditional Chinese words


interactive multimedia modules for language learning, practice, and assessment. The modules are based on video clips that show native speakers and nonnative speakers interacting in natural, unscripted situations. Interactive exercises reinforce language a


English/Chinese dictionary and online learning centre

Pitch Perfect Pinyin

A two-part interactive website for learning Pinyin pronunciation from University of Texas Austin

Quick Fix

Basic phrases, accommodation, food and drinks and other useful simple phrases

Real Chinese

A lively introduction to Mandarin Chinese in 10 short parts with video clips from the Real Chinese TV series.

Tone game

This game will give you better insight into the Chinese language and help you learn the tones