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Oxford Advanced Learner's English - Chinese Dictionary

, Educa Books 4th Ed. , 1998

  • 9780195856026
  • 113186
  • 1 copies

Oxford Starter Chinese Dictionary

Boping Yuan & Sally K. Church , , 2005
This dictionary is designed specifically for English students of Chinese, covering all the vocabulary needed at a beginners level. The Chinese words and examples are presented in both pinyin and in Chinese characters. Plenty of examples are given to demonstrate not only the translation of words into Chinese but also hints about their usage in Chinese sentences. There is additional information on grammatical points, such as the use of words in certain contexts, in the grammatical notes that occur within the entries on certain words
  • 0-19-860258-8
  • 4273
  • 1 copies
  • A1 A2 B1

Pocket Oxford Chinese Dictionary

Martin M Manser , , 2003
A state-of-the-art CD-ROM, packaged along with the latest edition of the best-selling Pocket Oxford Chinese Dictionary.
  • 0-195-96461-6
  • 4547
  • 2 copies
  • A1 A2