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Biblical Hebrew Grammar

An introduction to the basic grammar of Biblical Hebrew. The approach is descriptive, highlighting phenomena that a learner who accesses the Hebrew Bible may observe. Developed at the University of Texas


Global Language Online Support System is a database of interactive language lessons from the Defense Language Institute. Lessons contain authentic audio and video texts, activities, glossaries, and links for further information on the topics.

Hebrew Verbs

The site has a selection of 355 useful verbs. The site does not cover every verb in the Hebrew language. Additional verbs may be added in the future.

In Hebrew

In Hebrew offers electronic resources for learning Hebrew. There are 54 topics with 1,211 Hebrew phrases and sentences. In addition to the online audio flash, the site includes 152 printable study sheets.

Learn Hebrew Easily

This website assumes no previous knowledge and presumes no special skills - yet it might help get you to decent level of speaking and writing.


Dedicated to old television shows, from the days when Israel had only one TV channel.