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Welcome to the Self-Access Centre materials database. Here you can find out about the English materials we have in the SAC and explore our online materials. They were designed to help you improve your English skills. Most of the video materials, including films and documentaries, are now avaliable to be watched online. Log on with your UCL id and password to watch them!

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New materials in the SAC!

Our experienced team of English tutors from UCL Centre for Languages and International Education has developed these new online exercises to help you improve your English. They are very useful and a lot of fun. Try one of the Lunch Hour Lectures Exercises. You will improve your listening skills, note-taking skills and vocabulary, while watching one of the world re-known lectures from UCL.

Or you can try doing one of the Reading and Listening Exercises. The topics chosen by our tutors are fun and interesting and you will practise comprehension of written and spoken texts, as well as aspects of grammar and vocabulary. These new materials cover a range of difficulty levels and you can choose the one that is appropriate for you. They are interactive, meaning that you can ask for help while doing the exercises. You will also receive immediate feedback.

Resources to help you study

The resources in the SAC are here for you if you want to study English outside class time. If you need advice and guidance on what to study, you should talk to your main class tutor, who will help you identify your strengths and weaknesses and give you the guidance you need. Your tutor or one of the SAC Assistants can help you locate materials and show you how to use the equipment. You may have a very clear idea of what you need to study in English. In this case, you can use the Resources menu above to look for the study topics which are of importance to you.

Use this menu to find out what books are available in the SAC: you can find books which will help you improve your grammar, vocabulary, listening or reading strategies; you can also read some literature books, or you can find out more about special interest topics. We even have some Audiobooks which can be useful for improving your listening skills and pronunciation. Listen to or watch the BBC News and fill in a worksheet, try taking some of the exams from previous years, or watch a lecture.

You can also find practice tests and books for IELTS or other exams on our website. These Or if you just want to sit back and relax for a bit, but still develop your listening skills, you can watch a film or a documentary. Don't forget to rate it, so that we know what you thought of it. Read a newspaper or magazine online. Or if you prefer the hard copies, SAC has subscriptions to newspapers and magazines from all over the world. We also have many dictionaries in the SAC to help you read them and improve your vocabulary. We also have a section dedicated to gathering links to external online resources, such as online dictionaries and BBC tips to a better pronunciation.

UPCSE and UPCH students

We also have a section dedicated to subject specific materials, such as Medicine or Law. Here you can find books on your degree topic. You may also find some of the lectures relevant for your academic development.

We hope you enjoy the Self-Access Centre. Good luck!