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Janus Metz Pedersen , , 2010
In February 2009 a group of Danish soldiers accompanied by documentary filmmaker Janus Metz arrived at Armadillo...
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Babettes gæstebud

Gabriel Axel , , 1987
In 19th century Denmark, two adult sisters live in an isolated village with their father, who is the honored pastor of a small Protestant church that is almost a sect unto itself...
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Borgen Season 1 Episode - 01 - Decency in the Middle

Søren Kragh-Jacobsen , , 2010
Three days before an election, party leader Birgitte Nyborg shakes up her campaign by denouncing her closest ally, sensitive information about the prime minister's shopping expenses lands in the wrong hands, and the rising star of the evening news is shaken by an unexpected death.
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Borgen Season 1 Episode - 06 - State Visit

Annette K. Olesen , , 2010
An official visit by the president of a former Soviet republic makes headlines when the president demands the arrest of a prominent political activist visiting Denmark at the same time.
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Borgen Season 1 Episode - 07 - See No Evil

Mikkel Nørgaard , , 2010
The discovery of illegal surveillance of a left-wing party brings into question the prime minister's friendship with the party's spokeswoman as well as her faith in her own minister of justice.
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